International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2016

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It is all over the news. It seems as though recreational drug use is at an all-time high. There are numerous overdose deaths being reported on the news and many states and countries around the world want to do something about it. This Sunday, June 26th we will take a stand against drug abuse and illicit trafficking in our neighbourhoods, our streets in our town and in the country we live in.
Drug Abuse and Illicit TraffickingYou may be asking the question why June 26? It is to commemorate the dismantling of the opium trade in Human, Guangdong by Lin Zexu. This is just prior to the First Opium War in China. The United Nations therefore deemed it an international day against drug abuse and drug trade.

If you consider yourself a casual drug user, think about this. Think about how much it consumes your life. You continue to think about different amounts you are able to handle, where you can get it next and how fast can you get it in your system. Do you still think you are only a recreational drug user if those are the thoughts going through your head? The correct answer is probably not.

Many people have substance abuse problems, and that is why the day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking is an important day to keep in mind. Think about the other issues recreational drug users also suffer from. They often have impulsive behaviour and impulse control. They more than likely suffer from antisocial behaviour when under control of the substance and can sometimes be deemed as criminally offensive. This is often the case when hard drugs like cocaine, heroin or other synthetic drugs are in your system.
Having lived abroad previously, you can see how drugs are quite prominent in certain European cities as compared to others. Walking down the city streets in places like Glasgow or Belfast, you can see how much worse drug use is there as compared to somewhere like Torino or Milan where you see very few tramps on the streets and you just see gypsy’s instead.

So you might be thinking, well what do you do for the day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking and how do you promote it in your community? Start by telling your friends and family about this wonderful international event. Tell them why it exists and why you are so passionate about it. Perhaps a friend or family member accidentally overdosed or you are afraid that you are losing someone close to the disease. Next, approach will be your local council or municipality.

Tell them the importance of the day and why the community should celebrate it. Since it is during summer when the kids have off from school the township can make it an evening event with fun for the whole family. It is about not using drugs and about educating people so they do not or so they can stop. There are so many different things you can do.

I would also write a note to your local newspaper about it. Chances are they have written numerous articles already on what recreational drug use can do to people where they should have a positive note about honouring this international holiday. Think it and do it. That is how things are accomplished.

This holiday began on June 26, 1988 and has continued to grow along the way. There are currently an estimated 120 million hard drug users out there. This is just too large of a number to fathom. I walk down the street and see people my age and young have terrible motor skills such as walking and talking due to the amount of drug they have done in their life. This for me is the greatest Public Service Announcement as to why you should not do drugs. It messes with your mind and other parts of your daily life. Begging on the street for money, unable to hold down a steady job and not having any real friends because you chose heroin over them. Is this really a life worth living? In my opinion no, but then again I choose to not surround myself with people who have substance abuse problems.

Remember Sunday June 26, 2016 as the Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Help those close to you stay clean that day and hopefully help to make a difference in their lives. It is about saving one life at a time from both recreational and hard drug use. Not one person can do this, but the voice of many against drug can. Help drop the number from 120 million hard drug users in the world to less than a million. It will save more than one life.




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