Infographic: Who Suffers from Addiction in the Workplace

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Addiction is not especially attributable to class, professional status, race, gender or age. We need to reassess how we view addiction in order to treat the problems effectively in the workplace. This infographic outlines the effect of addictions in the workplace.

Addictions affect:

·         7% of doctors and dentists

·         15 – 24% of lawyers

·         1 in 7 workers will be affected in construction and mining

·         15% of city professionals

In  the City of London, alcohol addiction is on the rise. The negative affect it has on individuals, work colleagues, friends and families is only now being understood. There are wide ranging complications. It touches on relationships, employment, health, well-being, financial issues and law and order.

Employers are affected directly if any of their employees develops an addiction. The signs may well be easy to spot. The employee may have changed from a smart, punctual and efficient worker to someone who is late for work, has neglected their appearance and personal hygiene and is displaying erratic or unacceptable levels of behaviour. Companies can also identify whether they are supporting a culture that encourages addiction. Stressful environments can lead to or exacerbate addiction.

There  may be too many social functions where drinking is actively encouraged. It is not helpful if team-building exercises are focused around bars or clubs, during or after work. There may be an emphasis on entertaining clients in establishments where alcohol is prevalent. If you are concerned about drug or alcohol dependancy for yourself, a friend or a work colleague contact Clinical Partners at


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  • Thanks for this post. Alcohol and drugs are the most common on the rise addiction today. However, authorities should also consider the increasing number of people who have also become addicted with painkillers. Percocet for instance, is one of the most widely abused medications.

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