Infographic: Understanding the Huggins Protocol

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The Huggins Protocol was designed by Dr. Huggins when he realized that the mercury in a person’s fillings could leech out during the removal process. To protect the patient he designed a protocol that removes these fillings safely using holistic practices. First the patient is given an alternative air source and told to not breathe through their mouth during the procedure. Second, the face and mouth are cleaned out once the fillings are removed to get rid of any excess residue.

Then the high-volume extractor is used to remove mercury vapors. This is because mercury vapors are known to seep from fillings 24 hours per day; therefore, a special vacuum must be used to prevent those vapors from being inhaled while they’re removed.

A dental dam is also used in the patient to keep them from swallowing any toxic chemicals during the removal process. Lastly a holistic dentist must make sure there is an air purification system in place during the procedure to keep the vapors from leeching out into the air.

Huggins Protocol

Created by Centers For Healing, focusing on holistic dentistry and safe biological methods to achieve health.

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