#Infographic: Ultimate Guide to Obstacle Course Racing

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Are you looking to change your exercise routine? Most of us fall into fitness ruts, but all it takes is a new way of moving to get us on top of our game. One way to do this is through obstacle course racing. In fact, over 300 million people participate in the sport, with 91 races held last year. Although this sport is just four years old, it’s becoming popular all over the world, and for many reasons.

Obstacle course training helps you hit all your major muscle groups, which is a big order to fill for any exercise routine – and routine it is not, because your courses and conditions vary, keeping you highly-engaged. Although obstacle course training got its roots from the military, the overall fitness it provides is something anyone can benefit from. With a combination of explosive jumping, resistance training and running, it burns body fat and increases cardiovascular stamina. To get started, you must do specific exercises, including jumping, body weights, pull ups and balance work.

If you aren’t shoe-obsessed now, once you start obstacle course training, you will be. Your cross training shoes will get you through the toughest turf and longest race courses, becoming your ally for obstacle course victory. So, tie those laces and get yourself pumped to push a wheel barrow, jump like a frog, and carry logs through the sand, mud and surf. The excitement will fill the air as athletes climb, run and jump across a variety of terrains. If you want the best body of your life, obstacle course racing is the sport for you.

 Obstacle Course Racing

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