Infographic: Things you should know about Childhood Asthma: Symptoms & Treatments

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Asthma has triggered approximately 6.8 million lives and determining whether a child has asthma can be difficult. Most of the times it becomes worse because of the lack of information or proper education about the conditions on greater scale. Periodic or long-lasting wheezing and other asthma-like symptoms could also be caused because of infectious bronchitis or another respiratory problem. Poorly controlled and undiagnosed asthma can result in frequent emergency visits and quickly become life threatening.

Children face unique challenges and the asthma episodes may vary in severity. Asthma attacks can start with coughing and progress to wheezing and labored breathing. It is also possible that sometimes symptoms occur with no apparent trigger. It’s important that an asthmatic child receive proper treatment. Early treatment help in controlling asthma symptoms and additionally also prevent asthma attacks so that your child can get a sound sleep without missing daycare and schools.

Check out this inforgraphic to learn about the recent data statistics and enhance your asthma awareness. We have created this infographic to help you in gaining understanding about the symptoms, risk factors and preventions and monitoring measurements for asthma management.

Childhood Asthma

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