Infographic: Is Healthcare a Human Right?

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Access to adequate healthcare is a fundamental right, as the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights categorically asserts. But is this the case? This infographic reveals that the implementation of healthcare as a right is far from comprehensive. It shows the many countries that remain which are yet to formally recognise healthcare as a right. Furthermore it maps those countries whose healthcare provision fails to back up the constitutional principles many have adopted.

The scale of inequality inaccess to healthcare across the globe is revealed by charting the number of physicians each country has on a per capita basis. The results range from significantly less than one to much greater than forty. This confirms that healthcare ideals continue to be prevented from being implemented by factors such as politics, economics and education.

Which countries claim to believe in healthcare as a basic human right, but are falling far short of providing it? Is healthcare provision better in countries that have not formally recognised it is a right than in others that have? Which countries offer the best number of doctors per capita, and which offer the lowest? This infographic answers all these questions, but the central question of whether healthcare actually is a human right remains one that needs to be urgently addressed.


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