The Importance of a Good Smile Is About More Than Just Vanity

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The state of your teeth says a lot about who you are as a person.  In fact smiles are very important in all kinds of things related to how people make decisions about each other when meeting for the first time.  Unfortunately this is information we don’t get when we’re growing up, or if we do get the information, it’s filtered in the wrong way by well-meaning adults.

Family’s Smile

Consequently, a great many adults have teeth they feel self-conscious about, and for some people this can inhibit their opportunities and prevent them from living life to the full.  It may also make a difference in whether they can fulfil their potential, maybe in work, maybe in relationships, or really in any situation where other people are judging us and their opinions matter.

People also lose teeth through accidents and other things like participation in sports, and of course in these situations, the visible cosmetic change can add considerably to the trauma of the experience.  That’s because how we look is such a massive part of our identity, and when our appearance changes negatively, it can lead to a lot of problematic feelings, particularly insecurity and a loss of confidence.

Now, it being the case that Ireland is a proud republic, we don’t have such things as standard free national health care, so unless you have an excellent insurance plan, the main thing putting you off the idea of seeking treatment is probably the potential cost.

But there are two important things concerning this that you may not have realised.  First, the cost avoidance is a false economy, because as previously stated, if you’re teeth aren’t in good condition, it’s costing you opportunities, and this is true even if you’re not self-conscious about the problem.  The second thing is that with new technology and globalised manufacturing, costs are coming down all the time.

For dental implants, Dublin residents (or indeed anyone from anywhere, if they should happen by some chance to find themselves in Dublin) can easily obtain high quality service and professional results for under 1500 euros.  That’s something that simply wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago, and in fact it’s probably a better time than ever to be getting this kind of work done.

While there’s certainly something to be said for early adopters, rushing to embrace new technology isn’t always the smartest move, especially when it involves surgery and your life isn’t already at stake.  But now the technology has been around for a while.  We have the opportunity to learn from the stories of people who have had the procedure performed, to know how much pain they endured, and how they managed it.  Most importantly, we also know whether they felt it was worth going through with it.

It’s also probably a bit reassuring that, by now, most dentists have already performed the procedure thousands of times, and so have plenty of experience.  It’s a much braver person who is first to try something than you will need to be.

So all things considered, it’s nothing short of crazy to live with imperfect teeth when the solution is so readily accessible and so affordable.  If you don’t want to continue missing out on opportunities in life, you really ought to consider making an appointment with the dentist today.

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