How to Pick the Right Glasses or Contacts

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When it comes to bettering your vision, you don’t just want to see well, you want to look good too. That means picking the right glassed for your face, or even opting for contacts depending on your lifestyle or preference. Look to Dr. Ali Mohebbi’s stance on helping clients pick the right lenses and the right frames for whatever you need, which is to have a great staff on hand to help patients out. If your optometrist isn’t offering you such good assistance, you may want to shop for glasses somewhere else.

It does help to go in with some kind of idea what you are looking for. Do you want to have contacts because it seems the easier option, and you prefer not to have glasses in the way of whatever it is that you do for a living? Do you need lenses that don’t get a glare because you spend a lot of time on the road? Here are some things to consider.

Contact LensesPlastic, Wire, Or No Frame at All

Picking what kind of frame your lenses will go into, if you’re opting for glasses rather than contacts, can be a difficult decision with so many options out there. If you prefer that your glasses don’t stand out all that much then you will definitely want to pick rimless or half frame glasses.

Wire frames are the more traditional option and they are often sturdier, easy to fix, and more adjustable than plastic frames. You can get different size options and different shape options. However, if you want something that stands out and makes a statement, pick some plastic frames in a fun colour or in an interesting shape. Just make sure you talk to the professionals about what shapes are best for your face shape, and what sizes look best for the size of your head/face.

Which Lenses Do You Need?

If you’ll be wearing your glasses to work, you may want to get some prescription safety glasses. In fact, this is likely a requirement for your work, or you’ll be wearing bulky safety glasses over your regular glasses. If you go with contacts you can just wear the Plano vision glasses offered at your job.

Glass lenses, for glasses, are far less common these days, and polycarbonate plastic has made an excellent, and safer, replacement. With this type of lens even larger prescriptions don’t need coke bottle lenses. However, you can still get plain plastic. With polycarbonate lenses you can get anti reflective coating that can help bring down glare when driving and are also good for when you work on the computer for a living.

There are many things that go into picking the right things to help with your vision. Do some shopping around, get suggestions from your eye doctor, and make sure your option is one you are comfortable with, because it would be a waste to buy glasses you never want to wear because you picked the wrong frames.

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