How to Lose Weight Practicing Yoga?

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Does Yoga help in losing weight? Yes it does. Are there more effective ways to lose weight? Definitely. You can lose weight by a lot of other methods that are prevalent. You could go on a diet, you could develop an exercise regime or you could even go for surgical methods to curb your appetite for food. All these may be far more effective in helping you losing your weight and most of these are more popular than Yoga.

Standing Bow Pose

Then what is the big fuss about Yoga?’, You may ask. Well, you need to understand the basic difference between all these aforementioned methods and yoga. Yoga was not developed to fight obesity or to aid weight loss. It is a centuries old tradition that originated in India. Practicing

Yoga is a way of living that includes breathing exercises, harmonizing the body and mind and meditation. Yes, Yoga also includes those outlandish looking body postures but to be very frank, bending over backwards is not what Yoga is all about. Yoga is a holistic method and I can assure you that while it may not be the most effective way to lose weight, it is a very good and easiest way to do so and hands down easiest way to remain lean and slim.

The reason for that is that while other exercise regimes, diets and surgery may help you lose weight, they sap your strength. You will feel really tired. Think about what you are doing when you exercise. You are putting your body through tremendous physical exertion and literally pushing it to its limits so that it burns all those unwanted flab. You may feel physically fit for a few days but as days go by you will engage in a struggle with your bed every morning. You will find it difficult to even get up and experience fatigue as days go by.

On the other hand when you practise yoga, you will feel fresh and you will develop a positive attitude to life. Yoga is not a regime, it is a process where you take your mind and body through a journey. This journey may include sessions of meditation, breathing exercises and yoga postures called ‘asanas’. When all these are combined you will develop a sense of wellbeing. This will in turn lead to weight loss. Yoga is a relatively slow process but it works and it will work for a long time because you will want to do Yoga. Unlike jogging or any other exercise Yoga does not drain you out. It invigorates you. When you practise Yoga you will feel peace within and never feel the need to satisfy your appetite to satisfy your soul.

So Yoga is effective as a weight loss tool. Unlike exercise it can be addicting. You will definitely not miss a Yoga session because you will feel invigorated by the end of performing Yoga and who does not want that? Yoga ensures overall wellbeing. It is not meant only for the body but for the mind as well. You will sleep better and that will reduce your sleeping hours. When you constantly experience peace, your body will not require as much food as before and that is definitely good news for your system. So go for Yoga. Treat your body to the most comfortable process ever.

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    • At first, I didn’t actually consider yoga as sort of training or exercise to lose weight. Yoga is simply a form of meditation for your body, period. But I was dead wrong. These are what I have learned so far:

      Yoga relaxes your body and mind. Being overweight is an indicator that something is out of balance in your life. Excess stress is a big factor that contributes to weight gain.

      Yoga assists detoxification. Being overweight is a sign that your body is high in toxicity. Detoxifying your body can help you to lose weight for good.

      Yoga is basically a powerful healing tool as it aids relaxation, promotes detoxification and helps release stuck emotions . I can personally recommend yoga as a path to losing weight naturally and keeping it off for good! Thanks by the way and great job on your post!