How to Get Back in Shape While Spending Time With Your Kids

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As a parent, your days are jam-packed with car pools, homework assignments, playdates, running errands, working and tending to all of the other things that your family needs.
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Being so busy, you may have put your exercise regimen on the backburner so that you can spend more time with your family and just get everything accomplished. Putting your workouts on hold, though, may have led to a few extra pounds, or just feel out of shape.
It’s important to remember, though, that while you are super busy, regular exercise can actually be a tremendous help to parents. It boosts your energy levels, gives you a break from the mundane, improves your physical health and just makes you feel good.
If you’ve been putting off exercising so you can spend more time with your kids, you don’t have to!
There are plenty of ways that you can get in shape with your little ones in tow. Here are some exercise ideas that you can do with little ones in tow, which will not only help you get back into shape, but will allow you to spend great quality time with your family – and teach them the importance of physical fitness. Talk about a win-win-win!

Go on Family Walks

Walking provides a wealth of health benefits. It helps you maintain your weight, boosts your mood, builds and strengthens your muscles and even prevents certain health conditions.
Not only is walking a great way to stay in shape, but it’s also incredibly easy to do with the kids.
Before or after dinner, gather your little ones and head out for a family walk. You can go to a park, or just walk around your neighbourhood. While walking, you’ll gain some incredible health benefits, plus, you’ll get to spend some great quality time with your kids; ask them about their days, share stories, appreciate nature, for example.

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Have a Dance Party

Dancing is another easy and fun way to stay in shape with the kids. Move the coffee table out of the way, turn up the tunes and start getting funky!
While you’re dancing, your heart rate will go up, you’ll tone muscles and shed pounds, and you’ll hear wonderful squeals of joy from your kiddos. Dancing as a family is a great opportunity to work out, get silly and build lasting memories.

Play Kids’ Games

Remember those games you loved playing when you were a kid, and your kids love playing today? – Tag, hopscotch, hula hoop competitions?  Well, they’re an excellent way to get in shape as an adult, and your kids will love that you are getting in on the action with them.
Organize a game of tag with your little ones. Use some sidewalk chalk to draw up a hopscotch board on your driveway. Get out some hula hoops and see who can keep their hoop going the longest, use the hoops like jump ropes and jump through them, or use them to create a pattern on the ground and hop from one hoop to the next.
There are tons of easy and fun ways that parents can get fit while spending time with their kids. Give these ideas a try, or get creative and think up some fun physical activities you can do together, as a family. Whatever activities you do together, you’ll be sure to shed pounds and have share some pretty awesome moments with your kids.
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