How to Choose a Drug Testing Kit

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One cannot be negligent when it comes to choosing a drug testing kit for the workplace. Drug testing has become an increasingly sensitive topic between employers and employees, especially with the legalization of marijuana. So, here are some of the basic things that employers need to know about it.

Testing Kit

The first thing that employers need to know is that there are different drug testing kits. These testing kits include:

  1. Urine Drug Testing Kits – The method of collecting urine is the easiest way on how check for drug usage of employees. These are more popular than others because of its affordability, easy to use, and also provide accurate results.
  2. Saliva Drug Testing Kits – These types of kits are easy to use and provide immediate results. Aside from that, the results are hard to manipulate and can detect presence of drugs two or three days before testing.
  3. Hair Drug Test Kits – These types of kits are more expensive but they provide accurate results with no or little chances of adulteration. One of the benefits of this kit is that it can detect presence of drugs in the system for up to 90 days after taking however; it can take a few days to get the results.

These are the most common kits that you can purchase if you are thinking of letting one of your employees undergo drug testing which will depend on the company’s budget and how accurate you want the results to be.

The next thing that employers need to do is to ask what drugs they want to test for. There are kits that are designed in testing for specific drugs.

  1. Single panel drug test kits can only detect a single drug using test samples like urine and saliva but multi-panel drug test kits can detect two or more drugs at a time.
  2. Multi-panel drug testing kits can detect drugs like barbiturates, buprenorphine, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, methamphetamine, opiate, oxycodone, and phencyclidine. They are named based on the number of drugs they can detect; as such they can be 3-panel, 5-panel or 12-panel test kits.

If employers want to test for marijuana, it is important to know the rules in your state – if it is legal and if it is used for medication on your employees. Currently, a number of employers are facing issues with regards to this drug, but even though taking marijuana will protect employees from being punished by law, it does not necessarily protect your job.

There are two drug testing methods: instant results and laboratory based results. Drug testing kits for marijuana that require laboratory based results are usually single panel drug kits. You will need to collect a specimen like urine, saliva or hair.

Drug test kits also have validity strips with them and these prevent manipulations of results or adulteration of specimen. For example, should a person choose to mix water in his urine, this will show in the indicator.

Employers get to choose what type of kit they want their employees to use but normally the saliva testing kit is good for random drug tests while the urine drug testing kits are good choice for economical purposes. However, no matter what type of testing kit is used, employers should keep in mind the responsibilities that they have for their employees.

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