How Much Do We Spend On Basic Hygiene Products

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Now that the cosmetics industry offers people enormous amount of products, it would be completely ridiculous not to take care of your own hygiene. Deodorants, shower gels, creams, and lotions are just some of the necessities women spend an entire fortune on. $500 a year is the annual price of beauty products alone. However, women spend almost their entire paycheck on other essentials as well.

Hair Care

Hair CareResearchers have found that going to the hairdressers, coloring, buying shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, styling accessories and grooming products costs a woman nearly $57 a month. Annually, the amount rises up to $680. 59% of women spend over $150 a year on cosmetics, and 45% of women spend over $200 each year. A further $187 is spent on getting hair colored, approximately five times a year. Shampoo and conditioner amounts to $10.50 a month, or $126 a year, while wax and hairspray cost additional $77 per year. Almost $30 is also spent on accessories including hairbands, clips, hairdryers, curling irons, and straighteners. Moreover, an average woman will spend $30 a year on additional hair styling for a wedding or a party.

Make-up and face products

Make-up and face products

Some interesting facts about shopping, say that the average woman spends $15,000 during her lifetime on beauty products. $3,770 of that is intended for mascara alone. Eye shadows require $2,750 while $1,780 is spent on lipstick in a lifetime. Most women replenish their makeup bags roughly five times annually. This means that the monthly cost of foundation is $112 a year, of a primer $60 a year and a powder $43 a year. Some women claim they would spend their entire paychecks on certain products.

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Considering how many products cosmetics industry offers women, it is no wonder they spend that much money on them. Make-up wipes cost $4 a month or $48 a year. Some women face certain eye area problems such as dry eyes, which require some additional expenses on eye drops, gels, and ointments that can go up to $30 a year. Face creams including day and night moisturizers are $20 and $24 every three months. Skin moisturizer requires $8, every 3 months, which is $32 a year. Make-up removers such as lotions and cotton pads, cost annually $56 and $36, respectively. For skin to be refreshed and cleansed there are face scrub, face wash, and a toner which cost $21, $52 and $25 a year, respectively.



When it comes to vision products and service, Americans spend $28.7 billion a year, according to the Vision Council of America. The largest portion of it, approximately $16 billion is earned from eyeglass frames and lenses. Prices are different from store to store so some people may pay $1000 for a pair of glasses, while the online price may be even $990 less. The price of an identical pair of glasses may vary from $178 to $390 depending on the optometrist.

Summing all the amounts up, it is pretty expensive to be a woman. Almost as if, women should have an extra job just to have the money for all of the beauty products. Nevertheless, there will always be a certain lipstick, or a cream a woman just has to have. That’s just how the girl’s world works.

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