How Exercise Creates Feel Good Hormones and Helps you Live Longer

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Did you ever wonder what happens inside the body when you work out? A lot of chemical processes are triggered when the body starts sweating; that feeling of euphoria during and at the end of a routine, and also the muscle soreness usually felt later in the day, don’t just materialize through magic. The human body is made of millions of different chemical reactions; these result in various mental and physical feelings.

Good Hormones


Endorphins are chemicals released by the body’s pituitary gland. The gland can be found at the base of people’s brains. These chemicals make us feel happy and excited, thus blocking feelings of pain. When endorphins are stimulated through exercise we have ability to power through the distress and keep working out in spite of feeling some level of discomfort and pain. This is the main reason people become hooked on certain types of exercises and routines, such as jogging for example.


Estrogen is a hormone that determines whether fat or carbohydrate fuel the body when you exercise. Women have a tendency to burn fat while men burn carbs. This happens because women feature increased estrogen levels. When a woman undergoes menopause, she starts experiencing weight gains due to decreased levels of estrogen. To live longer, be happier and feel healthier, it is important for estrogen levels to be boosted. This can be achieved with exercise, or with an active sexual life.


Dopamine is better known as a neurotransmitter synthesized from tyrosine, which is an amino acid. When we increase dopamine levels in specific brain areas through exercise we wield a series of health benefits that promote wellbeing and counter negative thoughts. Dopamine is also a satisfaction chemical. It has been proven that a brain with deficiencies in dopamine reception is prone to gaining weight mainly because eating increases dopamine levels really fast.

People with fewer receptors require increase dopamine levels in the blood (through food) in order to attain an adequate level of satisfaction as those with regular amounts. This should be motivator that working out is good for the brain too, not just for the body. Keep dopamine levels increasing by adhering to a routine and prevent overeating.

Growth factors

These are hormone-like compounds meant to work together with satellite cells and assist with the regulation and stimulation of muscle production. Growth factors such as fibroblast, insulin and hepatocyte send different signals to satellite cells to relocate to damaged muscles areas and fix the damage through exercise, as well as regulate muscle mass.


Serotonin is a chemical accountable for restful sleep, healthy appetite and happiness levels. The better you feel the higher the levels of serotonin; the chemical works together with endorphins to guarantee that working out is a relaxing and pleasurable activity. Furthermore, amplified levels of serotonin means clearer thinking and increased energy.

Exercise helps us live longer

Exercise is linked to numerous benefits for the cardiovascular system. It lowers blood pressure levels, as well as LDL cholesterol. An adequate workout routine may improve HDL (“good”) cholesterol and also strengthen heart muscles. Another benefit of physical exercise is that it improves insulin sensitivity thus helping stabilize blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that walking for 2.5 hours/week may reduce the risk f diabetes with up to 30%.

Exercise can also strengthen the bones. As we age our bones begin losing density ad mass, which inevitably leads to an increased risk of developing fractures. Weight-bearing exercise don’t just release endorphins but also help slow down bone mass loss and strengthen the muscles responsible for supporting the joints and bones.

The benefits of feel-good hormones when we exercise are undisputable. However, living longer is a matter of eating healthy too. Including bad foods into your system and working out daily is not a suitable way of getting in shape. Bad foods have a negative impact on your digestive system; and when the body doesn’t feel good it can’t exercise properly, and as a consequence it can’t release feel-good hormones. To help you get started, you might want to consider dietary supplementation too; certain types like cinnamon supplements for instance, are plant-based. They don’t have any side effects and their main role is to speed up your metabolism and help it burn fat faster.

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    I am great fan of your writing and i am gym lover that’s why i am doing workout from last 10 years when i was 16 years old only. My gym trainer told me to buy some Serotonin steroids to gain lean and muscular body.

  • Hi Peter!

    I do agree with you, Exercise not only helps build good body but also helps improve mental health. Today’s life is full of tension and stress, we can use exercise as a tool to keep ourselves fit and active physically and mentally.

    Tauseef Alam