How Deep Is a Vagina? And 10 Other Vagina Related Questions Answered

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As much as we have business with our vaginas on a daily basis, there is still so much we do not know about it. It isn’t surprising to hear people say things like “the vagina is an endless opening” or even claim that the vagina only has a smell when something isn’t right with it. Myths like the two aforementioned have been in existence for a long time, but thanks to research and the availability of information, we now know what myths to debunk.


This piece of writing will answer some of the vagina related questions you have been too shy to ask.

1. How long is a vaginal canal?

Despite the fact that no two women have the same vagina, all vagina canals are not that long. The length of a vagina canal on average is about there to six inches. If you need a more relatable example, then the length of the vagina canal is about the length of your hand. However, in certain situations like childbirth and sex, your vagina canal can change in shape.

2. Does the vagina canal get longer when you are sexually aroused?

When you are having sexual intercourse, your vagina canal may become longer to accommodate a big sized penis. Your uterus and cervix are forced to lift up and get out of the way when you are sexually aroused. When that happens, the upper two-third of your vaginal canal is forced to increase in length. If you feel like the penis or sex toy is hitting on your cervix during sex, it means that you are not turned on enough for your body to allow full penis penetration.

But then, that isn’t the only reason why you may feel a penis hitting your cervix. If the sex you or penis is larger when the average size which is about five inches when fully erect, then you might feel it touching your cervix.

3. How does a vagina stretch for childbirth

For a baby to pass through, your vagina and the opening will have to stretch to a large extent. This explains why some women who have had babies may experience a change in their vagina such as it looks wider than before childbirth, dryness, or even a loose feeling. They may also feel soreness and some pain, but all of that is very normal. In a few days after childbirth, your vagina is expected to become somewhat tighter and finally return to its old shape in about six months after the birth of your baby. Although you cannot expect the form of your vagina to be the same way it was b before childbirth, but it can be close.

4. Does that mean the vagina can’t be permanently stretched out for any reason?

That’s totally impossible. That’s one major vagina myth you should debunk. Because the vagina canal is a very elastic body part, it can expands and snaps back just like a rubber band does. Nevertheless, if you feel like your vagina is becoming loose it could be as a result of one of two cases. Your vagina elasticity could weaken due to multiple childbirth causing it difficult for your vagina canal to retract completely. Old age can also cause the vagina canal to become weak regardless of childbirth.

5. Should I be doing kegel exercises?

Over a period, you may notice your pelvic floor muscle becoming weaker because of surgery, ageing, childbirth, weight gain, and straining from constipation or coughing. Kegel exercises are good at helping to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which support your rectum, small intestine, bladder, and uterus. If you are experiencing urinary of faecal Incontinence, Kegel exercises can help you control it.

6. Does the clitoris get bigger too?

The clitoris increases in size when you are aroused by swelling up as a result of blood flow to that area, and then it retracts to hide under your clitoral hood ( the tiny layer of skin that covers your clitoris when you are not aroused)

7. Do all lady parts look exactly the same?

No, all lady parts do not and cannot look the same way. Your vagina, clitoris, labia, and every other part of your female sex organs are unique. Your clitoris may appear smaller and your labia may be asymmetrical. The color of the skin in that area may be lighter or darker than on other parts of your body. Although these body parts may have an average size and shape, every vagina is unique in its own way.

8. Why is the skin on your vagina darker than the rest of my body?

It is an entirely normal thing for the skin in that area to be darker than the skin on the other parts of your body. For example, some females have pink or purplish labia, and others have brown or reddish labia.

When you are sexually aroused, your genitals may also appear darker. The flow of blood to your vagina during arousal could make the colour of your labia minora and clitoris darker.

Also keep in mind that if your vagina has a permanent purple colour you may be dealing with a chronic vulva irritation known as lichen simplex, or you may be having a yeast infection. If the colour of your vagina gives you cause for concern, then you should book an appointment with your doctor immediately.

9. Is pubic hair essential

Whether you choose to keep pubic hair or shave them off is a matter of personal preference. Pubic hair isn’t so essential to the health of your vagina.

However, there are a couple of risks associated with pubic hair removal. For example, you may likely have razor cuts out bumps and itching from not removing the hair properly.

10. Should I douch to keep things clean down there?

It can never be overemphasised that douching isn’t advisable even though alot of people still do it. Douching takes away the healthy natural microbes away from your vagina and leaves you susceptible to sexually transmitted infections.

11. Does the vagina smell different at different times in the cycle?

It is not a bad thing to be concerned about your vagina having an issue but the fact remains that it is a normal thing. The food you eat affects the shell of your vagina so if you eat garlic, expect a smell like that. The only time you should be concerned is when your vagina has a consistent foul smell and your discharge appears greenish in colour. If you notice anything of that nature please see your doctor immediately.

In conclusion, the depth, smell, or colour of your vagina cannot be the same that of some other woman. Learning to love your vagina the way it is and also care for it, is the first step to getting confident and happy about what’s between your legs. However, see a doctor if you can’t stop being concerned about anything related to your vagina.



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