Helpful Diets for Anti ageing

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In the era of science and technology concealing your real age is not a big deal. There are many beauty treatments which can be applied to look younger and diminish wrinkles and aging lines. But the side effects are numerous too. The expensive treatments like laser technology or Botox, plastic surgeries are too expensive to afford for an ordinary being. Don’t get depressed. There are many natural ways too to cheat your age and win over the drastic changes in your face. Healthy lifestyle and a nutritious diet are the best alternatives too look younger and more energetic than your age.

Anti ageing

Here is a brief discussion over healthy foods which are easily available in the market

  • Cucumber salad

Cucumber salad is the easiest remedy to intake.  These are rich in silica and its lofty total water contented which hold to resist the age becoming dry which can cause wrinkles further. Cucumber helps the body and skin escape from dehydration and makes the skin soft and glowing.

  • Daily consumption of almonds

Almonds are an integral part of our food. Almond consists of vitamin E  which has anti ageing property.  According to doctors recommendation if we choose ten or more than ten almonds in a day this would help you look younger and more beautiful too, you would feel more energetic as almonds are the richest source of energy too.

  • Aloe Vera juice

Aloe Vera juice is becoming a very common and famous in the public because of its health properties. Aloe Vera juice is another economical and accessible method to curb your anti ageing effects on your body and skin. The bottles of aloe Vera juice can be easily purchased from the market. Simply, take 300 ml of aloe Vera and dilute this with 100 ml of normal temperature water. The juice should be taken empty stomach.

  • Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera gel can be easily prepared. Plant an aloe Vera at your home. Cut the leaf from in between and you would find a thick gel. Take that gel and directly apply on your face. This natural remedy would help you to get rid of many skin problems.

  • Yogurt

Yogurt helps to resist anti ageing symptoms and effects on our body. Unfortunately nobody could claim this but this is a very beneficial anti-ageing diet. This healthy food contains good bacteria which is beneficial in many ways. Yogurt may also  help to hide and overcome the ageing line by massaging on the face.

  • Fish

Fish is one of the most healthy non vegeterian foods. This is a very rich source of omega3, heart friendly food, which helps to restrict increasing cholesterol in our body. The fish keep our heart healthy and young which could cheat the growing age and maintain the long age of the being.

  • Wine

Red wine consists of Resveratrol compound which help to make the genes active which slows down cellular ageing. All other categories of wine help to overcome heart related and memory loss problems.

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