6 Health Benefits of Gaming You Should Know

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Gaming is what that has been used as a synonym for bad health since centuries. With an era passed with true gamers, the fact was found to be religious that gaming is the key to bad health. It not only makes the player lazy but also it can affect the vision and has violent effects as well.

However, for the people looking for the justified reasons to play games the whole weekend long, they have come to the right place. Gaming can harmful for the players if the timing left unconsidered, but the gaming has been shown to offer great on the emotional, mental and physical aspects of the person. Not only this, the gaming also helps the people suffering from dementia and as well as from dyslexia.

Fascinatingly, the perks of playing video games don’t end here. A number of scientific studies have backed the benefits of gaming that we are going to share with you in the article below. Want to know the benefits of gaming? Read on!

Here, we will summarize some of the important positive impacts of gaming for our health. Check them out and game on!

#1: Games are Like NSAIDS for the Gamers:

Why take NSAIDS when you can play games to relieve your pain? Well, among the tons of benefits of playing video games, the most wondrous is its pain killing aspect.  This fact has been covered up by the study conducted at the University of Washington where patients suffering from severe burns were guided to play games. The patients who took part in this experiment were reported to be able to ignore the pain by 92 percent, only leaving 8 percent behind. So, don’t waste your money over the NSAIDs and get yourself a console.

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#2: Gaming and Wine are Synonymous:

As said for the wine; the right amount at the right time is beneficial, this can apply to the games too. To get more from the games, you need to play them in the right amount and at the right time. According to the neuroscientist, Daphne Bavelier, 40 minutes of the game, not before bed, can work for you as wine – the enhanced longevity, reduced heart attack risks, slows brain decline and mood boost.

#3: Say Good Bye to Your Bad Habits, with Gaming:

If you are occupied with the bad habits like smoking, drinking, overeating or drug abuse, gaming is your way out. Although there are several pharmaceutical remedies out there to help you out with your cravings, but nothing can work as well as playing a game. This fact was proven by the study conducted out in 2014 by the Brown University that revealed that smokers can reduce their craving for nicotine by simply playing two-player video game. So, the next time you feel like smoking or eating again and again, reward yourself with a good game like Brawl stars.

#4: Gaming Kick starts your Good Mood:

As mentioned earlier, gaming can be a great way to boost your mood. They can reduce the anxiety, stress and depression, thereby allowing the patients feel comfortable and better. Even the stress from a rough bus-journey can be vanished with a most basic yet fun game. According to the study from the East Carolina University, a whip of 30 minutes game like Angry Bird or Candy Crush Saga, with simple rules and short levels can help to eliminate stress and anxiety. But, set an alarm for 30 minutes and stop when the alarm rings!

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#5: Gaming Level Up Your Vision:

Despite of that grandma’s quote “Playing Video Games Affect the Vision Negatively”, games can do good for your eyes and your vision. The developmental psychologist, Dr Daphen Maurer of the Visual Development Lab of Ontario McMaster University, found that people suffering from cataracts can help to improve their vision by action packed shooting games. The theory behind the fact is that the shooting games are so fast – paced and thus they require extra visual and mental attention, which helps the patients with impaired vision to help their eye-sight make more sharpen and polished. Moreover, according to her, these video games can increase the production of neurotransmitter like adrenaline and dopamine that potentially might increase the grey matter of the brain and make it more plastic.

#6: Video Games Sharpen the Decision-Making Skills of the Player:

Believe it or not, playing video games can actually help the players to sharpen and enhance their decision-making skills. As a matter of fact, a number of games like shooting games or management games do require fast reactions and split second decisions to make. If not, it could make a difference of virtual life and death. That is what helps the players in the real life. According to the scientists who studied the fact concluded that video games act as a trigger for decision- making process among the players, allowing them to think critically within a matter of seconds.

So playing video games, all the time might not be rotting your brain and you. They have helped you in a number of ways that you haven’t even imagined!

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