Happy World’s Aids Day: Get Your Test and Show Your Support

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HIV is not a new phenomenon nowadays and people are in a very good knowledge and understanding about this particular disease. Thankfully, with the join forces and efforts from the government and non-government organizations people are aware and well-informed about living as the HIV patient and also people can support their family or friends who are infected with HIV.

HIV is no longer a fatal illness because we have a lot of health management program and technology so the HIV patient can live as normal as possible.
World’s Aids DayGet Your HIV Test:

If your place is having a high rate of HIV cases, you might be wondering if you are infected or not even you don’t do drugs or sexually active. It is a good decision for you to get your HIV test every year if you are living in such place.

If you get your HIV test, it will give you a relief because you know what is your status so you will don’t have the guilt feeling for infecting your partner with HIV by sexual activities.

Even if you are positive, or your partner is positive, you will be ready with the steps on how to live with your HIV status normally. So it is important for you to get your HIV test if you want to start a relationship, it is not only for you and your partner, it is for moving forward and how you will live in the future.

The good part is if you get yourself tested, and treated, you are encouraging your partner and people around you to do the same and right thing. You are also promoting a healthy lifestyle by taking precautions and showing people on how to prevent HIV or STD from spreading by getting the test. Even the mandatory testing for HIV is not been practiced for all country in the world yet, but the awareness from the citizen makes it look like it is a must in order to reduce HIV and STD from spreading.

Be Supportive to Your HIV Positive’s Family and Friends:

Here are the 4 healthy steps for you to show your support with your partner, family, friends and everybody who is HIV positive:

  1. You can introduce them to use the antiretroviral therapy (ART) to reduce the amount of virus from the body fluid. So the risk of transmitting the virus during sexual activities will be reduced and they can live as normal as they wish.
  2. Practice a safe sex is the best advised. You can use any quality condoms to prevent HIV infection as well as STDs. It is highly effective and available for men and women.
  3. Choose to say no to anal sex because it is the highest-risk in sexual activity to transmit HIV. Opt for oral sex or any less risky sexual behaviors that not involving the potential exchange of bodily fluids.
  4. You can hug, you can kiss, go to the cinema together, eating together, sleeping together and all kind of body contact with them because the virus is only can be transmitted with body fluids, and not from touching.

This world is a better place for HIV positive person now and congratulations to you all because you have the best understanding and awareness about this disease. Happy World’s Aids Day everyone..!

This article is for educative purposes only and not to be substituted for professional medical advice.


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