Happy International Women’s Day: Be Proud as a Woman

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As a woman, you have to think about how you can be a good mother, a good wife, a good colleague, friend, daughter and many more. Have you ever love yourself for able to multitask and playing so many important role in one day? You should be proud of yourself for that.

Today is the international Women’s Day celebration. How about you celebrate and share it by reminding yourself about how important is a woman contribution to the world? World is a better place with your contribution as a woman. A woman can do her task in her own way so everyone can get the benefits. Once again, that is another point for you to be proud of yourself.
Women’s DayHere are some other facts about women that confirmed can make yourself proud and happy.

Without women, people are in danger of extinction:

The unique job that only a woman can do is giving birth. Above all jobs, this is a job that a woman can do naturally without have to learn from any class. A woman’s body is designed to conceive and after 9 months a new baby is introduced to the world. The latest technology about pregnancy care, in vitro and other pregnancy tricks are developed to help the woman conceive easily and producing a healthy baby. Without woman, the people in this world are in danger of extinction. Who can take this job away from a woman? Or, who can take this job easily other than a woman? The more you think, the more you will be proud of being a woman.

Woman as a Public Idol or Public Figure:

Public FigureMost of the histories about the world’s most impressive person or figure were women.  Their contribution, character and achievement are the reason why their names are written in our world’s history. Oprah Winfrey, Marie Curie, Rosalind Franklin, Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Chien-Shiung Wu and many more female scientists were contributing to the world about science side by side with other male scientist. Woman is very soft physically in person but with their will, they’re still can be intelligent and smart from more than any man combined.

No wonder women also can be talented in any field because they can rely on their strong mental ability.

Women Are Hardworking:

Hardworking womanA lot of woman admitted that they are hated to work, but in the end they are the most hardworking person ever. They can work as a teacher, in the farm, in the construction site and even a soldier. What kind of job that a woman can’t do nowadays? In ancient history, women are not allowed to do such work, especially the one that only men should. At that time, a woman also not that necessarily to go to school or get a higher education because their place is only in the house and take care of the family. Right now, woman is working everywhere because of their ability and their hardworking attitude.

They are also not the same woman in the ancient time that relying to their husband for family support. They can be the mother and they can be the provider for the family as well. A hardworking woman is not only contributing to the family but also contributing to the local and country’s economy. Agree?

Woman Is a Good Book Writer:

Book Writer womanMaybe one of the most suitable jobs for a woman is a novelist. Right now, the most popular book or movie that ever been written are by the women. Remember the Harry Potter series, the Hunger Games, The Mortal Instruments series, and Twilight? Those books are the most popular or best-selling books ever and it successfully converted into a movie. To write a good story is not only relying with the person talent but also on how determined and how much effort that the person is willing to commit. As the result, women are very influential in literary works and you can expect something amazing with female-penned books.

Women Are Conquering the College Graduation:

College GraduateHave you ever been in a class and 70% of the students are female? This is what happens in every college nowadays. Woman are pursuing their education as higher as their wish and conquering the graduation every year. Today, at least the women will further their studies until they have a Bachelor Degree. Earning a college degree is totally not a joke. Previously it is impossible for a woman to enter a high school or even a university. Nowadays, the best students in every University are women. Woman is definitely a threat for a man when we talk about who is getting the best score and the best achievement in the College now. Woman can do anything and achieve anything – so please be proud of it.


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