Happy National Garlic Day

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The ‘stinking rose’ is celebrated on the 19th day of April with the aim of promoting the many uses of garlic which is named ‘National Garlic Day’. This medicinal clove is referred to as the ‘stinking rose’ due to its pungent odor. Garlic is known and consumed all around the world for different reasons which range from seasoning to medicinal purposes.

The stinking rose dates back 6,000 years in the central Asian communities, Mediterranean and African regions. Garlic was used for seasoning cuisines in these regions and was largely regarded as a force of good and evil. China and America are currently the biggest producers of garlic with other regions like South Korea, Egypt, India and Russia following suit.

national garlic day

Earlier uses:

Garlic was believed to ward off evil and for this reason, workers building the great pyramids in Egypt were fed on garlic for cleansing and enhancing stamina. In the middle ages, a plague called the Black Death was believed to be warded off by consuming whole cloves of garlic. The stinking rose was forbidden to monks too since it was believed to arouse sexual desire due to the belief that it acted as an aphrodisiac.

Health benefits:

garlic is rich in vitamins A, B1, C and proteins. It also contains some essential minerals like Calcium, Iron and Magnesium together with 17 different Amino Acids. These properties are the reason why garlic is labeled as a wonder drug due to its numerous medicinal credits. Since the best medicine to ailing bodies and to prevention of certain diseases is food, then garlic earns the number one wonder food position.

Garlic and common cold:

Garlic boosts the functions of the immune system and thus is able to combat the deadly common cold symptoms. Studies show that garlic is able to reduce the severity and length of a common cold and persons who are susceptible to colds gains relief if they add garlic to their everyday diet. For this reason, garlic is used as a supplement that aims at decreasing the severity of common cold and flu symptoms as well as for prevention purposes.

Cardiovascular and garlic:

in today’s world, known number one killers are strokes and heart attacks which are driven by hypertension most commonly. Supplementing garlic in one’s diet has shown in studies, to have a high chance of reducing blood pressure in humans. However the garlic should be consumed in high amounts in order to bring down hypertension in as little as 24 weeks according to studies.

Garlic and cholesterol levels;

garlic is seen to reduce cholesterol levels by almost 10 – 15%. Thus garlic can reduce the LDL which is the bad cholesterol without affecting the HDL which is the good cholesterol.

Garlic and antioxidation:

aging is mainly believed to be caused by free radicals in our bodies. A consumption of garlic in high levels is known to enhance the body’s production of antioxidant enzymes as well as reducing oxidative stress. Garlic therefore does contain antioxidants that will protect the body cells from ageing and damage. This has the advantage of reducing the Alzheimer disease as well as dementia.

Garlic and longevity:

since garlic has significant effect in reducing chronic illness causes and protecting the body against free radicals that cause damage and ageing, it would be affirmative to conclude that garlic prolongs one’s life. Garlic can fight infectious diseases, moderate blood pressure, and boost immune systems which are common cause of death worldwide.

Garlic is associated with so many more properties which include physical performance, detoxification of heavy metals from the body, improving health of the bone together with the natural seasoning property to achieve tasty food. National Garlic Day thus wishes to highlight these uses to the masses with the aim of heightening the awareness which should translate to a higher consumption and better health.

Halitosis and Garlic

Halitosis is bad breath which is a side effect of consuming garlic. This pungent smell does not go away even with the use of breath mints and mouthwash. This sticking stinking breath is attributed to the fact that the sulfurous compounds of the garlic cloves are absorbed in the blood and the only elimination method is through the skin or lungs. This causes the bad breath as well as the sweaty smell too. However, the university of Ohio State has carried out studies that show, taking milk can help rid of halitosis after consuming garlic. The pungent breath from garlic can also be eliminated by chewing on parsley.

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