Grow Healthy Hair with Makari Hair Grow Plus

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Hair is such an important part of our culture, whether your hair is natural or treated getting the perfect look can take hours of your time and/or thousands of dollars a year at the salon. Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful, having nice hair is just another way to give you extra confidence.

Makari Hair Grow Plus

Lately there has been a new trend in hair care: supplements to give you better hair by treating your hair from the inside-out. These supplements are ingested orally and deliver important vitamins to the hair follicles to help them grow longer and stronger. Makari de Suisse ( has created a hair supplement formulated especially for African hair so that you can strengthen and grow your hair.

Makari Hair Grow Plus supplements are taken twice a day, creating noticeable results within 30 days. They make the hair stronger, more resistant to damage, healthier looking, and shinier. Makari HGP stimulates and improves the health of hair follicles deep beneath the surface, it revitalizes the hair’s DNA. Working with the natural hair growth cycle, Makari HGP helps support hair structure and revitalizes new, emerging hair. You will see results whether your hair is natural, relaxed, or treated.

Here are a couple of testimonials from people who used Makari Hair Grow Plus:

“I started losing handfulls of hair about 6 months after giving birth to my daughter. My hair had become very thin and limp. I had bald spots all over my head! I have been taking Makari for about 2 months now and am thrilled with the results! My bald spots disappeared completely, I have baby hair growing all over my scalp. My hair is shiny, and soft. I am so thankful for this product.”

“My name is Lucinda, I am 45 and I have a problem with balding. Now no more balding with a significant reduction in daily hair loss. The quality of my hair is much softer not nearly as course. I have referred it to friends and family. Everybody should take Makari! It really works.”

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