Good Nutrition, Active Lifestyle: Key for Seniors to a Long and Healthy Life

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There is no doubt that people are living longer than they used to; this is partly due to an improvement in medical capabilities. It is also a result of an increased awareness of your body, its needs and how to adapt your lifestyle to ensure you live for longer and retain your good health; both physically and mentally.

Benefit of healthy eating

It doesn’t matter what age you are, improving your eating habits will help you to live a longer and healthier lifestyle. An improved diet will:


A well balanced diet will ensure you have all the relevant nutrients and minerals to keep your bones strong and your immune system in top condition. A balanced diet can also drastically reduce the risk of contracting many of the most serious, terminal illnesses.

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There are a variety of foods available which are rich in Omega-3. These include fish and leafy greens and are essential for helping to keep your mind active and reducing the likelihood of Alzheimer’s.

Feeling good

Eating healthily will ensure you feel energetic and capable of doing almost anything. This will translate to a confidence and increased level of self esteem, which will help you to enjoy every moment of life.

All eyes on healthy foods

The first step to improving your diet is choosing those foods which are healthy for you; the quantities needed may change as you age but each of these food types is vital to your ongoing health;

Fruits and veggies

Two to three servings of fruit and of veggie everyday will help to make you feel great on the inside as well as look good on the outside. You should choose whole fruits not juice and leafy greens are some of the best vegetables available.



Consuming 1200mg of this mineral everyday will help to ensure your bones stay strong and you are capable of anything now, and in the future!


Whole grains provide more nutrients and fiber than processed grains; this is because the nutrients have not been destroyed during the making process. They also take longer to process through your system helping you to feel fuller for longer and preventing over eating.


Protein is a source of energy for your body and helps to repair and build muscles. This is essential as you age to ensure you recover fully and quickly from any injury.


The older you get the less thirsty you tend to feel, this can easily lead to dehydration as you do not consume enough water. The majority of the human body is water and it is essential to stay hydrated by drinking regularly.

Vitamin B

This vitamin is essential to your body as it keeps your blood and nerves healthy.  Unfortunately after the age of fifty your body is less able to absorb this valuable vitamin; a supplement is essential.

Vitamin D

This vitamin boosts muscle strength and assists your body to absorb calcium.  The majority of your requirement will come from the sun but as you age your body is less able to extract the vitamin from the sunlight. This makes it essential to take it as a supplement.


Unfortunately as you age there are a variety of factors which can come into play and will prevent you from eating as healthily or as often as you should. Living a longer, healthier life is the main benefit of eating a well balanced diet. But then again, seniors may often deal with vitamin deficiencies. Many don’t go out enough to get their proper intake or vitamin D; others on the other hand, just can’t find food appealing anymore. In this case, your physician may recommend you a daily multivitamin or supplement to get you back on your fit.

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Stick to your plan by using these tips;

  • Avoid eating alone
  • Be aware that your metabolism slows as you age; you may need to reduce your food intake.
  • Your senses reduce in effectiveness; this can increase the amount of herbs and spices you use; not all of which are good for you.
  • Avoid skipping meals
  • Be aware of issues such as depression, loneliness, divorce and plan your menu to help you continue to eat properly.
  • Most importantly, ask for assistance if you need it. Instead of taking away your independence this can help you to keep it for longer!
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