Fun Hostess Gifts for This Upcoming Thanksgiving

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When we think Thanksgiving, we think mounds and mounds of whipped or mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, juicy turkey, and, of course, leftovers for days (if not weeks). It’s funny that food really is the first thing we associate with this holiday when the best thing about it is really the fact that it brings so many friends and family members together. Sometimes an intimate family-only event is the preference for the year, while other times it’s more of a “Friendsgiving”. Whatever your situation is this Thanksgiving, if you’re going to someone else’s house (lucky you!), you might be stumped as to what to bring with you. Read on for some fun hostess gifts for this upcoming Thanksgiving. And, please, whatever you do—leave the fruitcake at home.


Light Up Their Lives with Candles:

Candles make great hostess gifts for any occasion, but they’re especially great at Thanksgiving. We say this because it is such an olfactory holiday, isn’t it? When you walk in someone’s house on Thanksgiving, the smell that screams, “It’s Turkey Day!” hits you immediately. There’s something so comforting about that. Of course, a turkey or mashed potato-scented candle might be a little gross, but a lovely cinnamon or pumpkin spice candle would be the perfect present. Even if they don’t light it that very night, they’ll think of you when they do every night after. Maybe they’re a little fire-shy; that’s okay, find modern electric “candle” options that provide that perfect ambient glow at

Go Beyond the Wine:

Wine is the quintessential hostess gift and, while you really can never go wrong with it, you can actually do one better. Consider bring your hostess with the moistest one of the etched wine bottles from Etching Expressions. Custom etched for the occasion, this will tickle your hostess pink with the forethought and consideration of your gift. You can pop it open that night or even vow to get together next Thanksgiving to open it. Either way, it will blow her mind. Another way to go above and beyond with wine is the way you bring it to her, and this adorable pouch would surely make her smile. And some super cute Thanksgiving wine charms would simply complete the whole picture!


As with wine, it’s hard to go wrong when buying flowers as a hostess gift. One thing we would recommend, though, is that you either buy the flowers already in a vase or you put them in a vase before giving them to her. She’ll have her hands beyond full with the day’s preparations so you don’t want to add to her to-do list by having her trim and place the flowers. Even better, if you know what her table décor might look like, you could get something to match so it can be incorporated into the evening. Either way, however, she’ll surely adore them, as flowers are universally loved. Consider flowers that never die—Thanksgiving silk floral arrangements from are sure to serve her well for the next 10 years.


Now food is a tricky one, as she might have that covered and not want any help in that department. Hell hath no fury like a hostess who wants her food and her food only. Unless it’s a set potluck, you might want to ask her ahead of time if she would like you to bring something to be served at dinner. Even if you don’t do that, however, you could always bring something like a fresh baguette with jam or some homemade zucchini bread as, if she doesn’t use them that night, she can benefit from them the next day. It’s a win/win!

Kitchen Items for the Win:

Because Thanksgiving is a holiday that is very food-centric, it makes a lot of sense to buy your hostess something for the kitchen. From wine openers and wine chillers to wine stoppers and wine glasses (you sensing a theme here?), these are fun hostess gifts for Thanksgiving. Of course, if you want to make something like this even more special, you could get monogrammed cloth napkins or custom wine glasses with the family name on them. Is there any better way to capture the feeling on Thanksgiving than with something whimsical like that?

Don’t have a hostess gift yet for Thanksgiving? Don’t panic. Get anything off this list and you’ll surely be invited back next year.

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