Four Reasons to Grow Your own Herbs and Produce

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There are many reasons to take the time to grow your own produce and even your own fresh herbs. For one thing, eating fresh herbs and making sure you get the right amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet are important aspects of living healthy.

By growing your own foods you ensure you have the vitamins and minerals your body needs to be strong. But what other reasons, aside from health, are there for taking the time and energy to plant and grow your own foods?


You Know Where They Come From:

The produce you buy at the grocery store can come from all over the world. This doesn’t just mean you’re putting money into international companies, but it also means that your produce likely spent a good amount of time on ships and on trucks before finally getting to you. Growing your food at home lets you know exactly where it came from.

It’s The Freshest Option:

It also lets you know exactly what age your fruits, vegetable, and herbs are. By the time you pick up a bag of apples in the grocery store they could already be a month or more off the tree, and ready to start rotting when you get them home. The older they get, any produce, the more flavor they begin to lose as well, so your homegrown produce will taste better too!

You Can Save Money:

Packets of seeds, even the organic options, cost less than a few days supply of store bought produce items, and you get much more out of them. On top of that, if you buy organic or heirloom seeds you can ensure the healthiness of your own produce. Take some time to research seeds so you can buy the best.

You’ll Have Plenty To Share:

You may also find that once your produce starts growing you have an overabundance of some vegetables. This is a great way to make friends with neighbors, help your friends and family eat healthier, or to even make a few bucks to go back into next year’s crop by selling extra on a roadside stand.

It’s not difficult to grow your own produce at home. You simply need to have your seeds and a sense of when to plant and how to plant. Your seed packets should have instructions on them, or you can find information online with instructions on when to plant and whether or not you should start them indoors early.

You can even grow veggies all year, indoors, some of them anyway. That means fresh produce without a trip to the store. The same goes for herbs, which are very easy to grow indoors. Know your produce, grow your produce, and you’ll not just eat healthier, but you’ll feel good about it too!

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