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Lose Belly Fat

Losing Fat the Right Way

When the weather outside is cold and our lifestyles tend to be more sedentary, it is easy to put on belly fat and slack...
HCG Drops

What Are the Benefits and Risks of HCG Drops?

Human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG for short, is a hormone that is produced by the placenta and can usually be detected in high levels...
Lose Fat

How to Lose Fat Effectively With the Help of Exercise

We all know that exercise is a key to burning off excess fat, but did you know that your approach to exercise can be...

Creatine: the Myths Behind the Latest Supplement Phenomenon

It's one of those supplements that is always turned to by gym enthusiasts, but it's also a supplement which attracts plenty of controversy and...
Seniors Lose Weight

Seniors Should Pump Iron to Lose Weight

If you are approaching your 60s and would like to shed a few pounds, don’t center your workout on cardiovascular exercise alone. A new...
loss weight

Get Slim With Lap Band Surgery

Obesity has such a negative impact on your life. It puts you at risk for serious health problems and wreaks havoc on your daily...
Weight Loss Secret

Benefits of Weight Loss and Apps You Need Right Now for Maintenance

Going through any significant weight loss or bariatric surgery to aid the process is a big change in your life. Honestly, it’s an achievement...
Lose Belly Fat

7 Proven Ways to Lose Belly Fat, Based on Science

Losing and getting rid of belly fat is a struggle for many. It seems that once the fat gets accumulated in the belly, you...
Ketogenic Diets

Eating a Ketogenic Diet for Better Health

What does your diet look like? Are you eating for optimal health? Today’s modern diet includes copious amounts of refined carbohydrates.  A myriad of...
Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss

Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss: Why Your Scale Isn’t the Best Indicator of Fitness...

There is a huge difference between losing weight and losing fat. We should never go for weight loss but we should try working on...

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