Finding the Perfect Health Food Store

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When it comes to finding a perfect store so you can buy healthy foods, there are few questions that need to be answered. First of all, the biggest problem for every person is the distance between his home and the food store. No one will accept to walk for 2 miles from his house so he can get his food.

Yes, this can be done if you have no other choice or you don’t have any other market, but I think this can happen in 1 of 1000 cases. Obviously the second problem will be on how much money you are capable of spending on food each and every month.
Health Food StoreEverybody search for a food store that is cheaper if compared to the others, but, however, that doesn’t mean that the quality of the food they offer should be lower. Buying cheaper, but quality food in the same time will save a decent amount of your money on a monthly basis.

The third aspect when searching for the perfect health food store should be on Coupons, Promotions and another type of Rewards. You can have quite a lot of benefits if the store does these type of monthly action because you can buy more food for less money, or you can buy something for lower price.

The fourth, and maybe the last focus should be put on the quality of the food the store is selling. You do not want to buy food from a store who doesn’t offer 100% certified organically produced products.

I was stuck with this problem, and after months of searching and changing different food stores in the Coral Springs area, one of my dearest friends Tommy, suggested me to give it a shot on Tunies – Health Food Store. Guess what, once I found out about the Tunies organic food store in Coral Springs, I immediately got hooked!

I was so impressed by their promotions and the way they are giving you the opportunity to buy but still save your money.
But what makes Tunies so special besides the fact that it is the biggest local natural grocery and nutrition store?

Tunies food store is focusing on supporting their customers by having a stock with a huge range of different and healthy products (including organic, gluten free, vegan and raw food). The quality of the food is on another level with selling 100% certified USDA organic products. Every product is reviewed once it enters the store so you don’t have to worry about their ingredients, expiry dates or their quality.

Below you can check the product standards –

Another great thing is Tunies online shop who offers you free shipping of goods who are over $49. Isn’t that great? You can buy your products and someone delivers them to your house. You don’t need to go out and lose your precious time. Visit and see it yourself!

As I already said I would like you to check Tunies’s
Promotions & Saving (Get your PDF file below on the link)
Healthy Rewards Program

Last, but not least Tunies’s organic food store team holds events through the year. There are more than 100 events about wellness and health.

These events are some type of educational seminars that cover a variety of topics. If you are interested in participating in some of Tunies’s seminars you can check the following link –

There is a lot more to be talked about Tunies – organic food store, but my point of this was to give you the advice I was looking for a long, long time. Despite, It was in front of my nose, I would have never guessed that Tunies can be such a great food store.

Saving money while saving time has always been on my mind when I need to go shopping. Once, I found out about Tunies, my worries were gone.

This article is for educative purposes only and not to be substituted for professional medical advice.


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