How to Fight Obesity in an Easy and Natural Way?

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In this world, there are a number of diseases that are occurring to people on a day to day basis. Moreover, it seems no longer unnatural. But if we probe deeper into some of the diseases then we will get to know that the main reason for these diseases is nothing but obesity. Obesity leads to a lot of problems like high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc and increases the chances of heart attack and stroke too. So we need to fight obesity as fast as possible.


Now to some people it may seem that surgery is the best method. But it also has some side effects and there is no guarantee that the problem will not be back anymore. This is the reason why there is nothing better than to lose weight naturally. It is absolutely a no risk thing, and anyone can go for it.

How we can Lose Weight in the Natural Way

There is another safe way to fight obesity which is becoming more popular world-wide.  Dr Lanzer also performs the revolutionary body contouring – Mega Liposuction procedure. Dr Lanzer has more than 25+ years’ experience and is one of the first doctors to have performed the Tumescent Liposuction (fat removal) method. More than ten litres of fat in one sitting is termed Mega Liposuction.

Dr Daniel Lanzer is one of the first doctors to have performed the Tumescent Liposuction (fat removal) method. Mega Liposuction is performed in an identical way as a normal Liposuction surgical procedure where fat cells are permanently removed from problem areas of your body to reduce the size and  volume.

Mega Liposuction generally more fat cells are removed in the one procedure using the most advanced technologies and Liposuction techniques to remove these fat cells.

There are 3 Benefits from Mega Liposuction

1) Sudden dramatic improvement in contour/body shape.
2) Increased motivation to stay in shape.
3) Is perfect for patients up to 120Kg and is ideal for the initial kick start in weight loss.

Please contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic, we have over 25 years of Cosmetic Surgery experience to share with you with specialised surgeons in our Liposuction clinic. You will be fully informed and understand your options before any procedure or treatment.

There are a number of steps that one needs to follow in order to lose weight fast and eliminate the problem of obesity. These steps are being given below in detail:

  • The first thing that you need to do is to burn fats and calories. This is the foremost step that needs to be taken care of. You need to do exercise if you want to be slim and trim and want your long lost confidence back again. Bitter but true. So you need to get your lazy limbs out from the couch and start burning you extra calories right away. But be very careful not to stress yourself too much on the very first day itself. Another important thing is that those people who are above 30 years of age are suggested to do only the exercises that has been advised to do by the physician since at that age the body undergoes a series of changes.
  • Go for a healthy diet, not the crash diet. Crash diet does not help in losing way. It just crumples your metabolism. Instead, if one goes for a balanced and healthy diet by having everything in the correct proportion, fitness is bound to follow.
  • Do NOT take carbonated drinks. This is a strict no for those who are obese because these drinks contain a huge amount of calories that end up in saturated fat inside your body.
  • Eat ample vegetables. Vegetables provide sufficient vitamins and roughage to the body thus helping you in losing weight. Especially green vegetables should be included in the daily food regime as it is a key to a healthy body.
  • If you have the notion that having snacks now and then will help you get slim, then you are absolutely wrong. Snacks like chips are actually oily food that again leads to the extra flab.
  • Have foods with low sodium content. Another important way that can help you to losing weight naturally is by having foods that are less salty as because extra sodium leads to weight gain.
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  • howdy Kingsley Felix!
    with many people, they want to lose weight, don’t diet
    if you really examine the facts,when you diet you imply a temporary change in eating habits just long enough to get rid of a desired amount of weight. oh, hihi,! wrong. cause most nutritionists will tell you that permanent weight loss results in a complete change of lifestyle.
    thanks for sharing this post Kingsley!
    good luck!