How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy and Protected?

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Body parts of human beings are as sensitive as they can be. We need to keep proper check and care of our body parts to live a healthy life. A human body consists of many organs which require nutritious and healthy diet as well as healthy lifestyle. The eye is considered as the most sensitive organ of a human body which requires intensive care from the person. A minor mistake or usage of a think which can affect your eye can result in a loss of sight or vision.


Around the world, there are millions of eye care specialists who have attained professional degrees and qualifications to treat all the issues, infections and diseases associated with the person’s eye or vision. Eye care is an essential which every person should learn about to protect the accurate sight and vision themselves. There are some easy tips and steps to follow to keep your eyes healthy these are:

Healthy food:

It is essential for a person to intake healthy and nutritious food for healthy eyes. The required nutrition for a healthy body needs to be fulfilled by every individual in order to keep the organs healthy. Nutrition such as zinc, vitamin E and Vitamin D, potassium, fatty acids and lutein. This might help an individual in treating cataract and macular.

Quit smoking

Smoking is hazardous for everything related to the human body but it has the worse side effects to a person’s eye health. The vision is directly affected by the ingredients involved in the smoke of a cigarette. The smoker is more likely to get cataracts often due to smoking. This may also damage to your optic nerve and macular degeneration.

Wear Sunglasses

This may sound unimportant to you but you need to keep your eyes protected from sun’s ultraviolet rays. When your eyes are overly exposed to UV rays there are chances of getting cataracts and macular degeneration. Sunglasses are easy and good for eye care. It is suggested to wear sunglasses that will protect your eyes from 98%-99% of UVA or UVB rays. Contact lenses are also made to protect eyes but they may turn dangerous for your eyes when used improperly.

  1. Safety Eye wears and Protective Goggles

Sports such as lacrosse, racquetball, and hockey can also lead to eye injury if not played while wearing eye protection. Make sure you carry with you the equipment’s for eye care during any such activity.

  1. Computer and Phone screens can be dangerous for Eyes:

The excessive usage of computer and phone screens can damage your eyes. This may result in:

  1. Eyestrain
  2. Blurry vision
  • Trouble focusing at a distance
  1. Dry eyes
  2. Headaches
  3. Neck, back, and shoulder pain

It is important for a person to follow all the precautionary acts in order to prevent eyes from any of the above-mentioned issues.

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