What Makes Men End a Relationship: 7 Reasons

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The euphoria that you experience at the beginning of a relationship makes you think your partner is the best. But when you get to know that person better, you sometimes lose interest in her. Some of her habits disappoint you and you decide that this is not the right woman. Here are several types of poisonous behavior that men can’t stand. This article, prepared by the relationship experts from VIP Brides in Ukraine, will be useful both for men and women.


  1. Her attempts to change him:
    Every man expects that a woman will accept him for who he is without trying to change him. It’s like buying something in a store: you purchase a certain item as is. The same is with men. If a woman tries to change her man or reform him, he’ll protest and it can lead to a breakup.
  2. Non-stop talking:
    At first, a man will find his date’s talkativeness cute but a month later, it will start getting on his nerves. There are few things that can drive men mad and women’s chattiness is one of them. So, women should leave all those celebrity gossips and reality-show scandals for her female friends in order not to scare men off.
  3. Competition:
    If a woman likes to compete with others and wants to prove that she’s better, most likely that this habit will impact her relationships with the opposite sex. A bit of rivalry will even benefit a relationship and add some flavor to it. But in most cases, it doesn’t work because men compete with the whole world on a daily basis. What a man expects to get from a woman is not another competition but harmony and relaxation.
  4. Independence:
    A self-sufficient and successful woman attracts men while an overly imperious and uncompromising lady alienates and intimidates the opposite sex. Overly independent women don’t let men feel their masculinity and strength. Any man wants to be a superhero for his woman. If a woman doesn’t give him this feel, he will find the one who will make him feel significant.
  5. Baggage of the past:
    We all have experienced unsuccessful relationships, breakups, losses but some people can let the things go and some keep carrying that burden. If a woman often mentions her ex, it means she’s not over her last relationship. It hard to build a relationship with a person who doesn’t live in the moment. Sooner or later a man will get tired of such relationship and initiate a breakup.
  6. Absence of sense of humor:
    It’s important for partners to have a similar sense of humor. If they laugh at the same jokes and understand each other’s humor, it’s a good sign. But there are some women who are permanently dismal and can’t be self-deprecating. It’s very hard to live with such a person. Men like easy-going women who radiate positive energy and cheer them up.
  7. Neglecting her interests:
    Some women give up their hobbies and pay less attention to their appearances when they enter into a relationship. When a woman loses interest in herself, her man loses interest in her. Men are attracted to integral personalities who know their own their worth and don’t neglect their interests.
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