Eat This Not That: Ways to Snack Healthier

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During warm summer weather, it is easier to get outside for various physical activities such as participating in sports or going on walks. Although theses activities can lead to greater physical activity and exercise, people often pair them with junk food and unhealthy snacks which leads to weight gain. With extra planning it is possible to choose snacks that are lower in fat, sugar and sodium while still enjoying a delicious bite to eat.

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Healthy Snack One: Baked Chips

Many individuals crave fried and salty foods in hot temperatures, but too much sodium causes health problems such as high blood pressure. Foods such as potato and taco chips fried in oil are high in calories, causing people to slowly gain weight. A tasty alternative snack is low-sodium baked chips with special flavorings, including nacho cheese or barbecue sauce.

Healthy Snack Two: Smoothie

A cool milk shake is a popular treat on a hot summer evening, but contains a massive amount of calories from sugar. In addition, the ice cream in a milk shake is high in fat. Many fast-food restaurants now offer smoothies that have the sweet flavor of fruit such as strawberries or peaches combined with low-fat milk or yogurt as an alternative beverage. A smoothie is just a cool and refreshing as a milkshake but has added health benefits.

Health Snack Three: Frozen Yogurt

Going out to ice cream with friends, family or even a date is a popular summer past time. Ice cream is refreshing and is a great treat after a hot outdoor activity. You can still enjoy the nostalgia of the ice cream shop by switching over to frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt is one of many healthy options to replace ice cream. It contains less fat and calories than ice cream, yet still has the same creamy taste.

Healthy Snack Four: Wraps

Having a hamburger for a snack is a common activity during the summer because it is easy to purchase at a restaurant’s drive-through window. This food is more fattening than people think it is because of high fat meat, large buns and mayonnaise. Switching to wraps that use flatbreads or lettuce leaves with low-fat turkey slices is a healthier snack.

Healthy Snack Five: Flavored Water

Restaurants and grocery stores sell numerous soft drinks in the summer. Regular varieties of soft drinks contain high levels of sugar and caffeine while diet ones have artificial sweeteners that can cause allergic reactions. It is healthier to buy other options to replace soda like natural flavored water, which can replenish the body’s moisture loss and conquer thirst better than a soft drink.

Healthy Snack Six: Fresh Fruit

Instead of consuming sugar filled candy during the summer, choose from a wide assortment of fresh fruit, including raspberries, cantaloupe or plums. Fruit contains the essential vitamins, minerals and moisture needed during hot weather. It is also easy to grow fruit in a home garden to have a nutritious snack throughout the summer.

Carry Healthy Snacks When Away From Home

No matter whether you are eating at home or a fast-food restaurant, select a tasty and healthy snack. A great way to always have healthy snacks away from home is packing items in a lunch box with ice packs.

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