Eat Smart: 6 Ways to Better Your Body

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Many, if not all of us, know the idea of bettering our bodies as a familiar one. Nobody is perfect, and nobody is without flaws, however there are many ideals some people represent that the rest of us strive for. Mental fortitude is sought by those in need of it, physical strength and agility is sought by those who wish to improve themselves physically, and emotional strength is needed by those who seek it.

Sometimes these physical and mental improvements can be made by force of will, through exercise, healthy eating, or supplements (I bought my vital greens from an online store). Self-improvement is a noble quest, and I’ve brought together a list of six ways to better your body in the hopes of aiding those who need a push in the right direction.

Student's Life HealthySupplements

Supplements are available all over the place, and there is a supplement for almost every nutrient available in food form or otherwise. Supplements often get swept aside as something for old people or sick people to take, but their benefits can affect anyone looking for a boost in one way or another, and should be considered by anyone not feeling 100%.

Healthy Eating

Another well-known “cure-all” for the physical and mental “ailments”, as well as an answer to all self-improvement questions, is healthy eating. Not exclusively eating junk food goes a long way to making every aspect of your life seem better, and can even improve mental states and positively impact your routines and overall outlook. This is because fresh vegetables and cooked meals have higher levels of nutrients in them, and don’t contain as many preservatives.


Exercise has long been prescribed by doctors and well-meaning friends alike as a way to improve your body and mind. The release of endorphins associated with pushing yourself to the physical limit and beyond is a great way to boost your mental health, and the exercise itself, when done right, is a godsend for your body. Muscle development, fat loss, energy and strength increase, as well as vascular increase and better heart health are ways in which exercise benefits your body.

Drink Water

I cannot overstate this point. Drink water. If you’re already drinking water, drink more water. Your body can function on a relatively small amount of water every day, however function is very different to flourish, and to really see the difference between drinking the minimum and drinking a good amount, and you have to start drinking more. Aim for 2L a day, and see the benefits roll in.


This is one that can be done without fancy equipment or any associated costs. Spending time in the sunshine is good for our bodies. It helps up synthesize vital nutrients from the foods we eat, and helps strengthen our skin. It’s also a boost mentally speaking, as it feels good and warms your body when you stand in it.

Take a Break

If all else fails, it might just be that you need a break. Are you working too hard, or maybe just doing too much every single day? There’s no problems with just taking a step back from everything for a while. You can even do that while still working. You inform your friends or loved ones you’re taking a week or two to yourself, and you don’t make any plans with anyone in that time, allowing you to just be by yourself for a bit. It can help more than you realise to get back in touch with yourself.

These tips can be very useful to those in need of a bit of a shift upwards. Keep them in mind next time you’re feeling low, you may just need a few extra glasses of water.

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