Cosmetic Dentistry: How to get that Beautiful Smile you have always Wanted

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Cosmetic dentistry is becoming more advanced, to the point where you can easily correct problems with your smile. Here are some ways that cosmetic dentistry can help you get the smile you’ve dreamed of.

Cosmetic dentistry

Tooth Bonding

Tooth bonding can be one of the least invasive ways to correct your teeth if you have slight problems with cracked or chipped teeth. Bonds can also fix minor gaps between teeth, removing the need for braces or Invisalign. The material for the bonds is made from a composite resin that takes naturally to the tooth and is long-lasting.


According to Health Centered Dentistry, veneers are a cosmetic solution for permanently stained, chipped, or crooked teeth. Veneers are a step up from bonds, since they can last longer and provide a more polished look to the teeth. This is a two-step procedure where veneers are customized to the shape of your existing tooth and they are a great way to transform your smile.


Many patients will need crowns in order to protect root canals in their lives, but crowns can also be an important cosmetic procedure. Crowns can be used to disguise the appearance of poorly shaped teeth or to correct the appearance of dental bridges and worn teeth. The placement for a crown is a multi-step process, starting with a temporary crown and moving to a permanent crown placement. While crowns were often made from metal in the past, the new resin-based crowns can help improve the uniformity of your smile and keep your teeth from getting discolored.

Teeth Whitening Services

Over the counter teeth bleaching kits can only go so far in helping you correct tooth discoloration. The cosmetic dentist will use professional strength peroxide solutions in order to help get rid of stains on your teeth. The benefit of having this done by a dentist is that they can use deep cleaning tools to remove plaque before your treatment, making the whitening more effective. Teeth whitening service is a great finish to any cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Anchorage is a comprehensive service that offers these services and more. Using the latest technology, they can be a great resource for both general and cosmetic dental services. In order to get the smile you’ve dreamed of, consider an appointment with a cosmetic dentistry in Anchorage to choose the services that work for you.

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