Most Common Injuries During Weight Training

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It is obvious weight training is not a walk in the park or a glass of milk. It is gut busting, sweaty and a serious undertaking that has to be perfected in the right way. If you lift weights the right way, you will be treading between injury and growth. Intense weight training that has a way of stimulating growth consistently means flirting with body building and fitness related muscle damage. As you rub shoulders with the danger zone you will get the most muscles.

Lifting Weights


However, for the careless weight trainer, injury is always a little ahead. You will find there is always something lethal when it comes to straining, tugging and pushing against hard iron with all your heart. However, the fastest way of sidetracking a bodybuilding or fitness career or progress is getting a debilitating injury. You must be a little careful and clairvoyant at the same time to avoid getting injuries; they can be avoided. Listen to your body and what it is telling you before you come up with the right adjustments. Any bodybuilder or weight lifter needs to be aware of a number of injuries.

Damage caused by inaccurate technique

Most of the injuries related to weight training usually happen frequently because of incorrect technique. A poor exercise technique is capable of wrenching, tearing, ripping and pulling delicate connective tissue faster than you can say no. Stray dumbbell or barbell can cause serious damage. Be a technical perfectionist by not contorting, turning or twisting as you push some weight.

Extra weight injuries

Any exercise using more weight than normal is always a high risk affair that could cause serious injury. The weight is too much if lowering is a problem, if you cannot contain a weight movement in an easy and smooth manner or if you are heaving or jerking weights just to have it up. Always remember a dumbbell or barbell unchecked will have its own mind and gravity will affect it and anything in its way will get damaged.

Dreadful aide/spotter

As you lift weights and workout you will end up having a spotter or helper for different exercises, including bench press and squat. In the process, you might miss a rep here and there and it is not bad, especially if you are not overdoing an exercise. However, it is also the time you need a very good spotter. The spotter has to take you as if you are about to fail with the weight or training gear. The right spotter must be sensitive, always alert and sensitive to the potentials of failure and is not divided by other people or joking around.

Overtraining injuries

Too much training has a negative impact on your body’s overall conditioning and strength, retards progress while sapping your energy. If you are always overtraining, growth will be just a dream. Nervous system and muscles ability to convalesce is interfered with. In a depleted state, injury is very possible, especially if you are working with heavy weights. Cut back to a few training sessions every week, perhaps three or four and each session should not exceed an hour.

Injuries are also caused by lack of enough warm up, zero or no stretching, poor training and lack of proper concentration.

Visit to a sports chiropractic is a must if you have gone through such an injury for a speedy recovery.

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  • Hi Dawn!

    I find this article of yours very interesting. I tend to agree with you that most of the injuries related to weight training usually happen because of incorrect technique. For me, it is really necessary that we should know the correct technique before doing it.