6 Reasons Why Climbing Stairs Is a Great Way to Exercise

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Did you know that regular climbing of stairs can help your health? Numerous research has shown that climbing stairs can improve your health and overall well-being. Yes, it is a great and convenient way to exercise, so you can comfortably engage in physical activity with stairs. Of course the elevator has made is easier to move around a building, however you should really use your stairs. So, what are health benefits you derive from climbing stairs?

Right here are six ways that actively climbing stairs on a daily basis can benefit you:
Climbing Stairs

Builds bone and muscle energy

Climbing stairs is largely a strenuous form of exercise, with most work directed to the foot. Because you have got to drag towards gravity, it demands greater effort, so that means you get more of a workout. The exercise is remarkable for your body, you could grow your bone density, strength and muscle tone – so the chance of growing osteoporosis is appreciably reduced.

Enhances your cardiovascular health

No doubt as you might have always noticed, climbing stairs, even when you are climbing slowly, raises your heart rate. Stair climbing hence has a very positive effect on the heart. It prevents clogged arteries and excessive blood stress. The fact that it raises your cardiovascular system lowers the risks of getting serious conditions which includes coronary heart diseases, diabetes and vascular dementia, etc.

Aids weight loss

This incredibly energetic form of exercising burns more calories than jogging. And the good news is that the more weight you have, the greater energy you will burn. Even whilst you cross upstairs at a regular tempo, you will use at a minimum double the quantity of power than if you had been walking speedily on level ground – If you frequently make it a habit if climbing the stairs, you will quickly see the results in your weight.

Relieves pressure

Climbing stairs will also improve your mental health, because engaging in physical activities releases certain “feel good” hormones – the feel-good hormones helps you ease tension and supply your spirit a lift.

Fits in with busy lifestyles

Unlike going to the fitness center to workout or going out to jog, hiking stairs is handy, flexible and can be done by busy people. Climbing stairs is great for busy people who want to lose weight or get fit. You can commence with simply one or two flights, if you want, and gradually you’ll increase. Whether you are busy with work or other obligations, you could use staircases in public locations including educate stations, workplace buildings and multi-storey vehicle parks. Of course, unless you stay in a bungalow or low ground flat you’ll have a problem doing this.

What’s more? You do not a fitness coach, fitness partner to exercise and also you may not have to share a sweaty changing room with strangers.

Less expensive

If you consider going to a Fitness center to workout, or hiring a certified fitness trainer. You will find out that it is much more expensive that using your stairs to exercise at home.

From the reasons mentioned above you have seen that climbing stairs provides the opportunity for an awesome workout. However, a few stairs are suitable than others when it comes to exercising. Timber stairs are cozier than metallic or concrete ones as their treads offer greater shock absorbance, and carpeted staircases are even better still. Curved stairs are good as straight ones for working out. Even loft stairs and space saver staircases have their uses, so long as you hold directly to the handrail and do not try to go too climb fast.

How should you exercise?

To effectively benefit from climbing stairs you aim for at least three and five sessions of stair climbing in a week to get the most from your new regime. In case you’re not use to exercising with stairs you must start slowly, possibly just climbing for five or 10 minutes when you begin. Then, you can progress and workout for up to half an hour or maybe an hour.

Can everyone exercise this way?

No, some people are not advised to exercise with stairs.
People with knee or hip problems are not advised to climb stairs unnecessarily because the stepping action can worsen their situation. This is very true because, the joints come under extra stress. But to be safe, you should consult with your physician before you begin.

This article is for educative purposes only and not to be substituted for professional medical advice.


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