Cheshire Set and Dental work: Why they’re a Match made in Heaven

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Move over Chelsea! Cheshire is fast becoming the new ‘in’ place in Britain. This is no surprise as the county is second only to Mayfair on the highest per capita number of millionaires count. Anyone who keeps their eye on showbiz will know that Cheshire is a popular haunt of footballers, WAGS and soap stars. But it isn’t just ‘silly’ money which is flooding into Cheshire in its millions. The county has its share of new and old money as well as many business people owning property there.

Of course it’s nigh impossible to find money and bad teeth together on the same page. Perfect, pearly white teeth not only look good; a bright smile has become a status symbol of wealth. With the millions flooding the county, it could be that the Cheshire Set is soon going to live up to the reputation of its famous namesake, the cat with the wonderful smile in Alice in Wonderland!

Modern Dentistry

Who are the Cheshire Set?

Cheshire is home to gentry including the Grosvenor family which has held the Duke of Westminster title since the times of Henry VI.  In the 19th century, this pretty north-west county started to attract industrialists from Manchester and Liverpool, a trend which has been steady although today’s wealthy business people have likely made their money in technology rather than cotton.

Now the sportsmen, their wives and actors are moving into mega-mansions in Cheshire giving prestigious areas of London a run for their money. The latter, perhaps more than any other group in the Cheshire Set are trend-setters, conscious of how their image reflects their bank accounts. They would probably make the best first port of call on how to find a good cosmetic dentist in Cheshire!

How to get that smile

Some people can brush and floss until the Cheshire cows come home but they simply cannot achieve the kind of million-dollar smile they are aiming for. This is where cosmetic dentistry comes in. Two of the most effective procedures for creating a winning smile are teeth whitening and implants. Individually or combined, they perfect the appearance of teeth leaving them healthy-looking and dazzling.

Teeth whitening

Tea, coffee and nicotine are all enemies of a beautiful set of teeth because they stain tooth enamel, dulling their glow. Teeth whitening is a process which can undo the damage in a matter of months at the most and often sooner.

It is vital to consult a dental professional about teeth whitening. There are plenty of salons which offer the service and it is possible to pick up a DIY kit at the chemist but these are both risky. In the case of the former, it’s illegal to do teeth whitening if their practitioner is not a dental professional; in the case of the latter, such a process is really better left in the hands of the experts because of the bleaching agents involved.

It works with the help of a special, tailor-made mouthguard for the patient combined with bleach gel. The process can take one week if the guard is left on for eight hours a day or several months if it is advisable to take a less intense approach. This all depends on the health and make up of each client’s gums. Laser or power whitening is also popular. In this procedure, a dentist paints a bleaching product directly onto teeth then shines a laser onto them. This activates whitening and takes about one hour.

A good dental professional will aim to make teeth a natural shade of white rather than a blinding hue that, frankly, looks uncomfortable artificial. Whitening does not work on crowns or fillings.

Implants explained

Sometimes the problem with a patient’s teeth is not the colour but the shape and layout. This is often down to genes or a lack of corrective dentistry when the client was a child so serious work is needed to get their smile back into shape.

A dental implant is cylindrical or screw-shaped enabling it to be fitted into precisely-shaped sockets located around the mouth. These are eventually anchored through bone and tissue growth. The procedure can take six weeks to six months depending on the amount of work that needs to be done and regular checkups will be necessary to ensure that all is healing well afterwards. Some dentists will refuse to treat heavy smokers as they know that it the habit will make it impossible to enable gums to heal well after the procedure. The same goes for heavy drinkers,

Beautiful teeth for all

Fortunately, cosmetic dental work is within the financial grasp of most people these days so it isn’t necessary to be part of The Cheshire Set to have a gorgeous smile

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