Causes and the Prevention of Snoring

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We’ve all grown up joking about people who snore, and, we’ve probably even playfully imitated others for fun, at some point in our life. So basically, we understand that this rattling noise isn’t a normal activity, not everyone does it. Medically put, it is the blockage of a person’s airway, and the obstruction which leads to the cutoff of oxygen to the body. But you might wonder things like how, who and why you. Here’s an answer to all your questions:
Snoring Solutions

Common Cold

The most common reason to snore is when you’ve caught a cold. A blocked nose makes it harder to breathe when you sleep, and gives way to snoring. Sometimes, you might even producing whistling noises from your nose. If that’s the only factor, don’t worry, it’ll pass.

Lethargy & Obesity

The primary indicator to your lack of physical fitness is snoring. Once you’re a couch potato or a potato-fanatic at that, there’s fat building around your throat, which will in-time disrupt your normal breathing. You might eat a lot and be obese, or have developed the fat from not exercising enough – whatever it may be, the fatter your neck muscles, the more you’ll snort into the night!

Bad Habits

To those who are involved in activities like smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol, this may just seem like another lecture. But it’s time you listen, because everyone’s tired of listening to you (literally), when they’re actually trying to get some sleep! Alcohol loosens your reflexes and muscles, thus leading to congestion and snoring. Similarly, smoking causes swelling, and one of the many problems- snoring.


With a large population affected from this problem, the number of people who snore is undoubtedly large, too. Respiratory allergies affect your nasal system, and sometimes cause your throat to swell. Children who suffer from tonsils are frequently heard snoring, as well.

Tongue-Based Snoring

The term means that your airway is subjected to vibrate at the base of your tongue, causing vibrations and consequential snoring. Some people who sleep with their mouth open snore, because they sleep with their mouth open. This habit is majorly affected from relaxed or damaged muscles, and can’t exactly be forced to be overcome without proper medication.
Most of the times, snoring can be won over with some home remedies. Here are some things you can try to help keep the embarrassing noise at bay:

  • To avoid tongue-based snoring, try sleeping on your side.
  • Exercise! No matter how busy you are, take out time to work on toning down that fat.
  • Take help, and quit smoking. For heavy drinkers, quit drinking!
  • Take a hot water bath before sleeping to open your blocked nasal passages.
  • Pillows are the prime location of allergies, and so is the environment you sleep in. Regularly dust the ceiling-fan, change the bed sheets frequently and stay away from dust as much as possible!
  • A dehydrated person has a stickier nose, no kidding! So keep yourself hydrated.

For more serious problems, it’s always best to consult your physician.


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