Balancing the Need for Fitness With the Possibility of Injury

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To be fit and healthy is a common, sensible goal. And one way to achieve that goal is to regularly participate in sports or other athletic endeavors. However, there is a balance that needs to be achieved when it comes to figuring out what level of intensity you can do your thing at, without getting hurt, both with respect to your current status, and long-term effects.

In particular, you can look at things like concussions, long-term injury potential, when training involves literal danger, the bad effects that can result from combat sports, and then just thinking about working backwards from the idea of old age.

Self-Injury Awareness Day

The Concussion Situation

Contact sports can and do result in concessions. Football, wrestling, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, and many other will end up with bumps to the head from collisions against other players or against the ground, or against other equipment. In the long-term, too many concussions can be life altering. So, when you’re deciding what activities to participate in to be healthy and active, just make sure you understand the potential for head injuries specifically.

Long-Term Injury Potential

And then there are the woes suffered by runners. Years of running long miles can absolutely tear up ankles, knees, and hips. Running is fantastic for your heart and your lungs, and many of your muscles as well, but if you don’t temper your activities wisely, you can end up with all sorts of ill effects in later years. Proper stretching and training can mitigate some of this possibility, but most long-distance runners are going to feel the aches and pains eventually.

When Training Involves Danger

Then there are some activities that have inherent danger involved. Consider the dangers of skateboarding, or snowboarding, for example. Just the speed and the variety of environmental obstacles can cause minor accidents to become serious very quickly. So, even with proper safety equipment, there are going to be issues within the health benefits of dangerous sports.

Combat Sports Concerns

And there’s no question about the dangers in combat sports. With the recent popularity in MMA-style fights, people are getting into the best shape of their lives, but if they actually get into a ring in order to fight someone, there’s a whole lot that can go wrong very quickly. Again, it’s about making smart choices regarding fitness goals.

Work Backwards From Old Age

If you want to make the best decisions about fitness, imagine yourself when you’re old. What kinds of aches, pains, and injuries do you want plaguing you? Probably none. So, there are ways to remain fit outside of major contact sports, dangerous activities, and other injury-prone ideas, where you can still be healthy in terms of cardio and strength.

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