Autistic Pride Day 2018

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Many organizations around the world come together on the 18th of June every year to raise awareness on autism and to educate the general public on this condition so that they don’t see people with autism as abnormal people but as unique people.
Autistic Pride DayThis event was first celebrated in 2005 by Aspies for Freedom; this event is run by autistic people themselves, this is a worldwide event that is mostly celebrated online.

The aim of this event is to correct the mindset that autism is a disability; those behind this event wants social acceptance for autistic individuals and for this condition to be seen as a difference and not a liability or a case for treatment.

The attitude of the society towards autistic individuals is that of pity and the belief that the condition requires treatment. Though autistic people have difficulties they face because of their neurodiversity, yet they have unique features that cannot be ignored.

This event is also used to campaign against discriminations and abusive forms of treatment. The group that organizes this event, the Aspies group for Freedom believe the challenges and difficulties faced by autistic people in the society are because of discrimination and social standards.

They also warn autism-related organizations to stop promoting the feelings of pity for autistic people because this makes their life harder. They insist the difference is that autism is a deviation from the normal and it is not a disability. They believe autistic people should not be seen as cases for treatment and that their innate potentials should not be ignored.


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