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Samantha Stainsburry is a freelance blogger from Charlottesville, VA. She's a major history buff, and loves living in Thomas Jefferson's hometown. In her free time she enjoys hiking, reading, and finding new music among other things. Her personal ambition is beat to Ken Jennings' Jeopardy record with her vast trivia knowledge.

How to Survive the Emotional Strain of a Miscarriage

Having a miscarriage can be a devastating experience, impacting not only the carrier, but also those around her. When you have lost a life that was so intricately connected to your physical being, you...
Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal – What You Need to Know

Almost everyone you know has a story about a tattoo gone wrong. From incorrect spelling to a change in personal views, not every tattoo looks the same way in your imagination as it does...
nursing home

Why a Nursing Home Would be Best for Your Elderly Parents

When it becomes time to consider the living situation for elderly parents, people are often reluctant to consider a nursing home. The truth is that a nursing home provides on-call assistance to each resident...
Mobility Issues

How Important is Mobility When Recovering from an Injury?

Someone who has suffered a physical injury from an accident or fall may think it is best to sit quietly and wait for the body to heal. Actually, the opposite is likelier to be...

Dentures and You: When Are They a Viable Option?

Many people look at dentures and think that they are just for old folks. What they don’t know is that for many, many Americans dentures are a viable option. These devices are more comfortable...
Varicose Veins

Varicose and Spider Veins: How They Can Affect You

Spider veins generally do not suggest health problems but dealing with them can be quiet the nightmare. In some instances, individuals may experience burning or itching over the site. In rare cases, poor circulation...
Dental Implants

What Are the Health Benefits of Dental Implants?

The popularity of dental implants has increased significantly in recent years. There are many good reasons for this rise in popularity as dental implants have a number of advantages over dentures and other more...
Underarm Skin

3 Skin Rejuvenating Habits Every Woman Should Practice

The average woman is unhappy with the appearance of her skin. She may be using the wrong products on her face or spend no time at all on skin care. Too many women are...

Ortho Care: Are Braces Right for My Child?

Some kids actually look forward to getting braces, viewing them as a sure sign of becoming a teenager very soon. While some, however, worry a great deal about the way they'll look or feel...
Ambulatory Surgical

How are Ambulatory Surgical Centers Changing our Recovery Experience?

Outpatient surgery, or ambulatory surgery, is becoming more popular because of service, quality, cost, and positive outcomes for recovery. Ambulatory surgical centers allow the patient to return home the same day they undergo a...


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