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Kathrina lewis is a blogger and a guest contributor for Floodaz PangeaToday and Itechnologyguru. She writes for a wide variety of topics including health, fitness and technology.

How to Keep Pests Out of the Garden Naturally Without Using Harsh Chemicals

Slugs, deer and other garden terminating pests are a part of our nature. However, it doesn’t mean one should start tolerating them as being...
Water Storage

5 Myths About Water Storage

Storing water is entirely different from storing food, there are a few point which you should consider if you are new to water storage....

7 Tips for Preventing Mold In Your Home

You never realize that your home is infested with mold. Exposure to mold is common both outside and inside the home. Some of the...

8 Impacts of Stress on your Health

All of us have faced stress at one time or other in our lives, whether we are corporate workers, students, housewives or businessmen, stress...

The 6 Healthiest Fruits you Should be Eating

Fruits are an amazing gift of nature, which are loaded with numerous vitamins and minerals, making them a great substitute for pills and medicines....
Red Peppers

Heath Benefits of Red Peppers

Red Peppers surely add color to our food, but their incredible benefits add color to our lives. Studies say that their health benefits make...