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I am Kingsley a 20 something-year-old. I am a Blogger, Webmaster and the founder and Director of Krafty Sprouts (BN: 2362604). A not so tiny digital media firm in the heart of Rivers State, Nigeria.
Health Emergency

Emergency Dental Care: When You Need It and What to Expect

If you’re reading this, you are probably in pain and wondering if you need emergency dental care. If you decide you do need it, your next question will likely have to do with what...
Spider Bites

Spider Bites: Symptoms, Treatment & Identification

Spider bites in the United States are often annoying but they are rarely fatal. If a person gets bitten by a black widow spider or a brown recluse, they may have to worry. The...
Skeeter Syndrome

Skeeter Syndrome: What It Is? Symptoms and Treatment

There are many reasons why misquotes are hated pests. They carry a number of diseases such as t the West Nile virus as well as the Zika virus. They can also carry malaria. Mosquitos...
Healthcare Professions

A Look At 2019’s Top 10 Highest Paying Healthcare Professions

With 2018 coming to an end we will be seeing a new wave of fresh trendsetting individuals emerging and entering into 2019's professional sector. A number of professions are being looked at as showing...
Guava Leaves

7 Health Benefits of Guava Leaves You Weren’t Aware of

It's well known that the guava fruit has a number of health benefits. However, many people aren't aware that the leaves of the guava tree also have a variety of beneficial medicinal properties.Guava leaves...

What Is Sitophilia? A Beginners Guide

Sitophilia is sexual gratification or arousal that arises with food. It simply shows the relationship that exists between food and sex. It is the creator’s plan that there should be that link existing between...

Dangers of Self-medication

Self-medication is the use of medicine to treat common health problems by individuals after recognizing and consequently diagnosing themselves based on the symptoms they are experiencing. Furthermore, medical supervision is not required since this...
Tantric Masturbation

The Benefits of Tantric Masturbation

Sometimes the unknown, or mostly the misinterpreted can become slightly intimidating.Tantric and tantra sex has a reputation for producing some very intense bedroom sessions; however, the traditions associated with tantric sex may be helpful...

5 Great Recliners You Should Buy and Reasons to Consider That Sleep Chair

Recliners which are fondly called relaxing or sleep chairs have been available for a long time. These days a growing number of homes have one recliner tucked somewhere. With its growing popularity, it’s only...
Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s Disease: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Crohn’s disease is a condition where the bowls become inflamed. This inflammation can lead to pain in the abdominal area which can cause severe diarrhea, a feeling of fatigue, weight loss, and a person...


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