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Deborah Turner

I am a lover of Jesus Christ and a lover of his ways.I am a poet and a writer who loves doing new things. Likewise, I am currently in the medical line as well.
Long Distance Relationship

5 More Ways to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

Many people are into long distance relationships. While some actually have the best time of their lives in this kind of relationship, others find out that they tend to struggle through it. Relationships generally...
divorced men

10 Dating Tips That Will Help Divorced Men Get Back Into the Game

One of the most challenging things one may have to go through in life is divorce. The process isn't, and one party always ends up broken. However, another difficult thing both partners have to...
Benefits of Cycling

8 Questions Every Woman Need to Ask Before Saying “I Do”

One of the most exciting moments in the life of a woman is her marriage. For most ladies, they have already begun dreaming of the type of wedding dress to wear, the kind of...
Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx

8 Horrible Mistakes Men Must Avoid in Their Relationship

Most times when a relationship goes wrong, both parties are usually blamed, but the lion share of the blame mostly go out to the men in the relationship. Why is that you may ask?...
Caitlyn Jenner

10 Huge Mistakes That Women Must Avoid in Their Relationships if They Want It...

Having a long lasting relationship with your partner is not a day's job, and no one is exactly perfect at it. Everyone is busy trying to be better, but there are days when you...

7 Ways to Handle Breakups

Breakups are the worst and scariest thing that could happen to a relationship. In fact, everything about ending a relationship and calling it quits forever is probably the hardest part of a relationship, however,...
Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Motion sickness is a problem that most people usually face when moving. This sickness occurs as a result of motion hence its name. Motion sickness occurs as a result of the feelings one gets...

Paronychia: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Paronychia is an infection that usually affects the skin found around the fingernails and the toenails. This infection is caused mostly by a bacteria or a type of yeast that is known as candida....

Flatulence: Do You Fart Too Much? Here Is Why

It is a very regular occurrence for humans to pass out gas. Gas is a healthy way of life, and they are in fact the by-products gotten after digestion of food by a healthy...
flu and influenza

Do You Get Sick After Getting the Flu Shot? Here Is Why

This is the period of winter and Harmattan. Yes, it is the holiday period, but it is also the period where almost everyone gets the flu and you will too if you are not...


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