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Anita Ginsburg

Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO and often writes about home, health, family and finance. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn't writing.

How Addictions are Affecting Your Health and What You Can Do

Drug addictions can destroy your life. Your mind, body, relationships, and career can all suffer greatly at the hands of drug addiction. There are specific negative effects that drug addiction can have on you...
Chronic Neck Pain

Six Common Causes of Chronic Neck Pain

Nearly 31% of adults in the United States alone experience some form of chronic neck or back pain. That’s an astonishing number of individuals experiencing excessive and typically unnecessary pain. But, what causes the...

10 Foods That Cause Cavities, And What You Should Eat Instead

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), over 90 percent of Americans have had cavities at some point in their lives. Even worse, almost 30 percent have untreated cavities. Tooth decay, or cavities, form...
Straight Teeth

8 Foods to Eat for Healthy and Strong Teeth

Your diet plays an important role in preventing tooth decay. While many foods can harm your teeth, others provide you with essential nutrients that protect your teeth from decay. Below is a list of...
Restrictive Diet

How Can You Stick to Your Diet When You Are Out All Day?

Sticking to your diet is challenging even on your most disciplined days. Being away from home can make it challenging to stay on track and eat healthy. There is no need to get discouraged....
Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment: Things To Consider Before Making a Decision

When an individual is diagnosed with any type of cancer, he or she is faced with one of the most important decisions of a lifetime. Deciding on the type of treatment to be used...
Sleep Wrinkles

Not Sleeping Well? Six Things In Your Home That Could Be The Culprit

Sleep is a necessary part of our lives, with the average adult needing about eight hours of sleep per night to function well the following day. Adequate sleep is an essential component of an...

Healthy Lifestyle: 7 Health Tips Every Woman Should Know About

Health is not a final destination, it is a lifestyle we chose to participate in every day. Starting with small steps, you can make a big difference in your overall health with your daily...
Dental Implants

Dentures vs. Dental Implants: Tips to Decide the Best Option

If you are missing one or more teeth, or if your dentist recommends extractions due to broken or damaged teeth, dental implants or dentures can help you restore your smile and maintain your confidence....
Beautiful Eyes

5 Things you can do for Better Eye Health

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), over 20 million people have some sort of eye or vision problem. In addition to this, vision problems and blindness are one of the top adult...


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