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Anglika Johnston is a health and fitness enthusiast and writes mainly on topics like bodybuilidng and support supplements, healhty life as well as weight loss. she works for Ultralifeshop that is an online supplement store.
air ambulance

What Makes an Air Ambulance Special

We’re all pretty familiar with a traditional ambulance and what it’s used for, we can imagine what type emergency, and lifesaving equipment it carries to help sick or injured patients. Well, what about an...

The Future of Healthcare

The future of our healthcare system looks bleak from where I am today. I have an aging mom that is on Medicare with a supplement. She is on a limited income and within the...
manage stress

Healthy Eating tips to Fight Stress

As unpleasant as it seems, stress is a part of life. It can happen in the form of meeting deadlines at work, not scoring the desired marks in exams, monetary problems and so on....
Protein rich Foods

Recommended Foods to Keep the Skin Fresh and Healthy

A shiny, glowing and healthy skin is one of the main representatives of a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. Besides the fact that the skin of a person represents the age, it also...

Worried On Diabetes? Learn to Keep Diabetes at Bay

Diabetes, a common yet scary disease heard more frequent these days. Researches say, it’s largely influenced by the current lifestyle we move through, keeping aside genetics interference. Though the blood sugar disease is growing...
bad Cholesterol

Diet and Lifestyle Changes to Reduce bad Cholesterol

Given the food choices available in today’s fast-track world, it’s not difficult to see why a lot of people are having problems with their blood cholesterol levels. Fast food, processed food, instant noodles and...
Kids Toys

Health Hazards from Kids Toys

Kids’ toys are some of the items that you constantly see in budgets in different homes. Most of the times the choosing of the toys is in the jurisdiction of the kids as parents...

Don’ts in Hot Yoga: Tips for Beginners

Beginners need not fear the heat. I always say that to beginners in hot yoga. Though from its name and with the looks of it, hot yoga is really very challenging, a proper preparation...
Sports Injury

Top Five Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Sports Injury

Unlike all other therapies and training, hydrotherapy, a natural injury therapy, seems a fun way of treating and exercising those sports injury affected muscles. The prospect of water seems relaxing and would induce ease...
Lose Weight

Your Ultimate Goal Should be Lifetime Fitness

It is a common practice around the world that many folks start the weight loss or fitness campaign very enthusiastically but their passion fades away with the passage of time. One of the foremost...

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