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Amaira is a fitness enthusiast and consultant. Her experience allows her to write on various health and fitness topics including, healthy diet, best workouts and women’s health. At present, she is a regular contributor for Health Secrets to aid readers with healthy information.
uric acid

Homemade Remedies to Reduce Uric Acid in Blood

When it comes to battling high levels of uric acid, there are several options for uric acid treatment. Some are natural while others are...

10 Reasons Why You Are Always Tired

In this busy lifestyle of 24/7 working period, one is sure to get tired but if the problem occurs very often then you should...
food craving

Here Are 9 Best Methods to Control Your Food Cravings

A food craving is a desire to eat a specific food and is not same as normal hunger. Observations showed mostly things which people...