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Alicia a dating consultant and featured publisher at Loveawake.com dating site. She writes her best ideas, advices and tips about relationships, online dating and marriage for blogs and sites. For more information, please follow her on the company site or on Facebook and Twitter
celebrity couples

Being Right Vs Being in a Relationship

I’ll admit it. I like to be right. No, correction, I LOVE to be right. And in my former, less evolved life,  being right was top priority in my relationships – romantic, professional, familial...

Why I Want to Be the Breadwinner in My Relationship?

Fact: I want to be a successful businesswoman. I never want to feel like I have to rely on a man to pay for my clothes, travel, entertainment, food, housing ... anything. Which is...
man in kitchen

Why Men Can’t Find Their Way Around a Kitchen?

I love my husband. In fact, I often say that the spouse department is the only area of my life where I really lucked out.Mine buys me dresses I've been lusting after, as well...
Healthy Relationship

How to Create a Balanced Relationship With Your Partner?

I remember my starter relationships. I was determined to be the best girlfriend ever. If there was going to be an award show for girlfriends, I wanted to win the Academy for it. And...
cheating partner

Signs That Your Partner is Thinking About Cheating

Your Partner May Already Be THINKING about cheating – even if they haven’t actually done it. After all, cheating first starts with a thought and then ends in an action. You need to be able...


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