Are You Unintentionally Killing Your Teeth?

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You happen to be among friends at a pub drinking, and everyone laughs hard to an inside joke.

Everyone but you!

Of course, you got the joke. You even chuckled a bit, but you couldn’t afford to laugh out loud because you are worried your buddies might laugh even harder at how crooked your teeth look.

You’ve been doing a good job hiding what your dentition looks like to your new found friends, and the girl you are crushing on is just right by your side. You can’t afford to ruin this.

Then again, the thought runs through your head. How did your once good teeth get so BAD?

You can’t even afford to grin to save your life. You’ve thought about it so much it’s gotten you depressed.

Then you head back home. Your comfort zone and stare hard in the mirror. Mouth wide open and shake your head because you conclude its age or it’s just one of those things.

So you suck it up and get your toothbrush and beautify your toothpaste with it. The very thing that has put you in this position in the first place; unknown to you.
Hygiene you call it.

What if I told you that about 60% of your dental problems come from what you wash your mouth with?


It’s quite simple.

But first, ask yourself these questions.

How often do I change and use random Toothpaste to brush my teeth?
What do I know about the product I’m using to brush my mouth?
What are the chemical compositions in the Pastes I use?
The colour marking on the tubes mean what exactly?

Do me a favour. Go and get your Toothpaste and give it a quick examination. What colour marking does it have at the base? There are mainly Four (4) colours marking on any toothpaste and these colours all mean something. Yes, they do. They weren’t put there for decorations.

These colours are often in the shape of squares or rectangular bars and are found on the crimp at the base of your toothpaste.

What do the colour codes on tubes of toothpaste really mean?

If the base of your toothpaste has the colour BLACK, then there is a need for major concern because Black simply means “Pure Chemical”. The ingredient used in making such paste is not only highly toxic but also dangerous for your teeth, not to mention your health.
It not only wears your teeth but also does more damage to it.

The colour RED represents both natural and chemical composition. This means the paste has not only natural ingredient but chemical also. These combinations have effects on the longevity of your teeth.

When you check your paste, and it happens to have the colour BLUE on it, this means the paste is made up of Natural and Medicinal components. This isn’t bad to use as it doesn’t contain any chemicals.

The colour GREEN represents “Natural”. This means there is an absence of chemical in it. The composition isn’t only healthy but very safe for use. Most doctors would even recommend its use as it does no damage to your teeth.

You really don’t have to suffer from bad breaths or damaged teeth. Now you know why you haven’t been able to smile confidently when you with company.
For proper dental advise, book an appointment with your dentist, and I can assure you-you would be smiling soon.

This article is for educative purposes only and not to be substituted for professional medical advice.


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