Anthony S. Bianchi MD. Is Helping Workers Heal

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When you suffer a workplace injury, you’re dealing with more trauma than you might imagine at first. From the pain of the injury to the feeling of trepidation when it comes to going back to work, dealing with a workplace accident can present a ton of other issues, even for workers who are dying to get back to work right away.

Dr. Tony Bianchi can help. He’s made a career out of helping workers grow and heal after workplace accidents, and his work in the California has earned him a name as one of the trusted occupational medicine doctors in the field.

Growing Up

Dr. Bianchi’s interest in medicine started early. His father was a military doctor, helping soldiers recover physically and emotionally after being hurt on the field. Bianchi learned a lot from observing his father, and by a young age, he already knew he wanted to pursue medicine as a career.

As a young man, he moved from Denver, Colorado to Santa Barbara, California to pursue an undergraduate degree in Biopsychology or the study of the brain and its relationship to biological influences. His studies allowed his curiosity to grow and guided him ultimately in the direction of a career in medicine. After graduating, Bianchi headed to Houston, Texas, to pursue his medical doctorate degree.

Branching Out

Once in Houston, Dr. Bianchi kept busy with his studies, learning to become a doctor and serve his community. His medical work at the University of Texas at Houston earned praise from his peers and professors, and his internship and residency at the nearby St. Joseph’s Hospital earned him even greater accolades. His work at St. Joseph’s was recognized and rewarded with a Chief Resident Teaching Award. He was also given a Top Resident Award by the American Association of Laparoscopists. His experience in Houston allowed him to combine a passion for community with a desire to heal workers.

He would take these teachings with him as he traveled the world and the country in later years, trying to learn as much as he could and connect to the natural world in a way that could enhance his practice. Between traveling to Paris, London, Scotland, and Mexico, Bianchi found time to head back to the mountains of Colorado and the hiking trails of North Carolina to commune with nature before heading to Fresno, California, where he currently resides.

Finding His Feet

Today, Dr. Bianchi enjoys working in a successful practice in the agriculturally-rich Central Valley region of California. In Fresno, Bianchi helps farmers and workers recover from accidents and find the strength to return to work after suffering trauma. His experience in rehabilitation after working with faith-based recovery groups and serving as Medical Director for Riverside Recovery Resources has helped him address the issue of trauma and recovery with a singular skill and dedication. From his volunteer work with community groups and churches to his work helping the working people of Fresno get rehabilitated after trauma, Dr. Bianchi has proven himself to be a valuable part of his community and the medical community at large.

This article is for educative purposes only and not to be substituted for professional medical advice.


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