An Overview of Foot Health

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Most of us think about our health. We eat well, keep a healthy weight, look after our teeth and take enough exercise. Yet when it comes to our feet, we tend to let things slip. The feet are a part of the body that many of us totally ignore.

Child’s Feet

Why foot health matters

Relatively few people take much notice when their feet hurt or they start to develop hard skin. They just live with the ache and maybe change the shoes that they wear, but leave it at that. Years later many people end up paying the price for taking this approach with many people finding it hard to walk long distances let alone exercise.

Because bad feet can end up preventing you from taking enough exercise not looking after them can lead to problems with the rest of your health. In addition, bad feet can lead to poor posture, which can in turn lead to serious back problems.

Looking after your feet

Fortunately, looking after your feet is not hard. By far the best and easiest way to do it is to visit a podiatrist’s office on a regular basis.

We have a great foot clinic in Northwich, which offers basic foot care services as well as specialist care for those with more serious foot health issues. You can find qualified podiatrists in most large towns and cities. If you do not have one local to you find one in a nearby city or town and turn your trip to the podiatrist into a treat. You feet will feel great after they have been treated, so it is a good opportunity to go shopping and enjoy a nice meal.

Looking after your feet at home

A good foot clinic will give you advice about the right shoes to wear. Everyone’s foot and body shape is different and each person walks differently, so a shoe that is right for one person may not be right for another. Your podiatrist will advice you about the right footwear for you to wear while playing your favourite sports or working. It makes sense to follow that advice.

Keeping your feet clean and dry

Most foot issues like fungal nail infections get a foothold when feet and footwear are not kept clean and dry. Most fungal infections need a damp environment to thrive, so keeping your feet dry is particularly important.

Deal with hard skin as it appears

Keeping your feet clear of dry skin in between visits to the podiatrist is a good idea. It soon builds up, which makes it uncomfortable for you to stand for long periods or walk far. If you remove it as it appears, you can stay on top of it and stop it becoming a big issue.

Keep your nails cut

Keeping your toenails cut and clean helps to stop issues like nail cracking and in growing toenails from developing. Just be careful to cut your nails the way that your podiatrist shows you.

Looking after your feet need not be expensive or time consuming. It is an easy thing to do that will pay dividends in the future.

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