See our advertising options below. Thanks to loyal readers and a great community, Healthable now gets over 25, 000 unique visitors per month. 60% women, 30% men, most of the traffic is from the US, India, UK, Nigeria, Philippines and Canada. Below are some of the advert options we offer.
Sponsored Posts – $200
We receive a lot of emails every day from business owners asking us to cover the launch of their service or products. It is impossible for us to keep up with everything, so we are offering the sponsored post service for those of you who already have an article ready and want to reach thousands of targeted users.
All we require is that you prepare an original unique article yourself and also submit any relevant images. Minimum length is 800 words. Of course, we always need to go through the article and approve it, the post must ultimately be of benefit to our readers and so we make sure that your product or service is of excellent quality.
Read this if you’re still not convinced that a guest post on a high domain authority site like ours can help you. Sponsored posts will appear on our blog, will remain forever, they will go into our social media rotation queue to be shared with all of our followers, and go out via our newsletter.
Here is an example of a sponsored post:
Review Posts – $300
Want an awesome review? We are now offering this as a service for the first time ever! We will give an honest review of your product and or service with a minimum of 700 words.
Press Release – $150
Did you just launch a new health or fitness service or product? We can help you showcase your product or service to more than 20, 000 visitors and readers of Healthable.
Ad Slots ($40 – $50 / month)
All ad slots are above the fold for better CTR and impressions. These are premium placements for serious advertisers only.

  • 300×250 – top right sidebar (gets the most clicks) – $40 per month (1x available) (BUY NOW)
  • 300×250 – below title – $50 per month (2x slot) (gets most clicks) (BUY NOW)

Last Updated: 01/08/2017