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Africa: Nigerian Drone Startup to Deliver Medical Supplies to Local Clinics

A startup in Nigeria is set to revolutionise drug delivery in Africa with the use of drones to reach local clinics and hospitals that...
Falling in Love

Falling in Love Is Easy. Staying Together Is Not

Your initial pull toward another person is based on physical attraction. Being "eye candy" in the lens of another will make you popular. Marilyn...
hsa fsa

Infographic: What's The Difference Between An FSA And An HSA?

Navigating the world of health insurance is never easy. When it comes to vision and dental expenses, which aren’t always covered by health insurance,...
Wedding Day

What Every Couple Should Know When Planning Their Wedding

When it’s time to plan a wedding you will be on information overload. Who will you choose for your bridal party? What venue? What...
Sudden Deaths

Two Major Causes of Sudden Death

Sudden death is a real situation that happens every day and it raises many questions in the minds of people; this also happens to...
Private Health Insurance

Why Do 50% of Australians Take Out Private Health Insurance?

As you probably know, every Australian has access to the public health system at no additional cost. All taxpayers pay a Medicare Levy that...
Hair Loss

Top Six Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

There are many natural solutions to hair loss. Although there is no easy cure-all for this condition, there are ways that you can go...
Pensions and Retirement

How to Get on Top of Pensions and Retirement Planning

In the UK, the ‘Automatic Enrollment’ scheme, which comes into effect in April 2017, means that it will be compulsory for employers to enroll...
Life Insurance

Key Points for the Beginners Willing to Get Life Insurance

Getting a life insurance for the first time can be really fascinating some time. One can come across a lot of terms and conditions...

Sexual Freedom and STDs

Sexual liberation was a movement that broke the stiff norms of social behavior where sex wasn't talked about and premarital sex was social suicide....

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